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Research materials require an individual to investigate and validate their authenticity since many of them may not be relied upon to give credible information or ideas. Research material range from books, journals, internet among others. Internet is one of the best research tools that have helped to revolutionize the way different people have been carrying out research in the contemporary world. However, not all the material for research can be relied upon.

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There is need to scrutinize all sources to make sure that they measure the standard required in scholarly work. Such kind of scholarly material can include, the peer reviewed journals, materials published in universities among others. These materials normally undergo a series of scrutiny to clarify the contents or facts in them. This is what makes them more credible to a large extent. After completing the National University Online Library tutorial, I have amassed vast knowledge and experience in the search and scrutiny of credible information.

Women Participation in the French Revolution

The article that I used to get this information was got from the Online University Library. I used the Googlebookids, and the year of publication together with some sections of the article was revealed before I downloaded. The article is scholarly by the fact that it has been published by a recognized institution. It can be used to get historical information related to French revolution. The publisher of the article is renowned. There are explanatory diagrams like graphs to elaborate the findings of the research(Ruth,1977). The work of the author has been cited. The names of the author are available.

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The rapidly changing environment in France during the French revolution required that women of all professions, classes, and even lifestyle to re-evaluate themselves and cope with new roles present in the society. There is enough information regarding the role the women played in the revolution. They played fundamental roles during the revolution more than it was formerly thought. First, they took active part in politics, through feminist movements and clubs. Their level of involvement also differed depending on their class or social level. Earlier on, women were not allowed to be involved in certain perspectives such as attending Universities, trade among others (Ruth, 1977). However, their roles was only limited to the domestic chores. The historical demeaning of a Frenchwoman was overturned during the French Revolution. Women took active roles in the attack of Bastille that took place on July, 14 1789. Most are described as being armed and among the insurgents. In Octomber,5 1789, there were a group of women who gathered near a hotel de Ville section of Paris and waited until guards who guarded the weapon house went. The women, who pretended to be on a tour, took weapons with them. They also participated in the reign of terror (Ruth, 1977). They involved in demonstrations and politics.

Simon Bolivar and Nineteenth-Century Independence Movement in Latin America

The article that contains this information has several characteristics that makes a researcher realize its credibility as a relevant or scholarly source. First, the research method has been clearly outlined. Secondly, the sources of the ideas have been cited. In addition, the article bears a serious appearance. Furthermore, there is a protocol followed in the organization of the information (Gracia,1988). There are illustrations such as graphs that support the research. The author has been cited including the contact information.

The politics of Simon Bolivar invoked the ideals of Aristotle’s politics. It also involved social morphology, geography, human ecology and comparative politics that assisted him to formulate developmental politics for the Latin America. He fought for democracy and federalism. He also popularized the creation of the Pan-American federation of individual democratic republics (Gracia, 1988). He however popularized a centralized government for each of the individual republics.

A Critical Perspective on Free Market Capitalism

Website that gives a critical perspective on free market capitalism. The site claims that there is a strong correlation between the free market capitalism and the economic growth. The website is credible due to the following reasons. First, the author has been identified. Secondly, the date has of publishing in the website alternates with time. Thirdly, the domain of the website shows that it is a professional organization. There is no evidence of bias to suit personal interests. The material is very objective and targets the enlightened in the society due to the arguments presented.

The Problem of Modern Day Slavery or Child Labor

The 8th Day Centre, located in Chicago, Illinois, is a serious activist towards a world free of slavery and child labor. The author of the website has been identified. In addition, the date of publication has been updated. The domain used by the organizations proves to the reader that the website can be relied upon to give credible information. Furthermore, there are official sponsors of the organization and clear contact information. The website gives a full disclosure of the publisher and the activities that they carry out in their everyday endeavors.

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