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There are several reasons that led to some people believing that it was very crucial to radically alter the system of government of the United States. At this time, it was believed that a mixture of legislative, and executive as well as judicial powers in the senate, as well as the little degree of responsibility that was granted by the system to establish and maintain a standing army with no limitation or restriction were objected by the constitution. Thus, it was openly evident that it was a great defect in the law right from the institutions of leadership.

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Another reason why some believed it was necessary to alter the system was because it was felt that the government had to furnish proper checks and balances between different departments, something that was lacking at the time. It was felt that altering of the system was necessary in order to lay a firm foundation for separate and distinct exercise of different powers of the government.

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In his letter to James Madison, Jefferson argues that a little rebellion is a good thing for America, as it established in the general manner the encroachments on the rights of people who produced them. He opined that it was a proper medicine, genuinely necessary for the sound health of the government.

Another argument by one of the supporters of change was that it would be a method of curing the mischief of faction through removing its causes and also controlling its effects. The mischief would also be removed through destroying the liberty that was essential to its existence and through the act of giving every citizen options which were similar to the interests provided.

There is a very different change between the tone of federalists and anti-federalists. The difference occurs because both factions are arguing into two different perceptions. The federalists argue towards the altering of the system of the government. while the anti-federalists are against the idea.

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