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Our professional speech writers make time to fully understand your special way of speaking and the aims of your assignment. The words we use will sound as if they have effectively and naturally come from you.  

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Many speakers engage a speech writer when their writing skills are not as good as they would like.

One good reason for asking a speechwriter to “do my speech” is, obviously, because you are not a good writer yourself. Someone has asked you to make a speech because of your expertise in some field. Unless it is a writers’ event, it is unlikely you were selected because of your writing skills.  

What you have to offer is topic or subject knowledge. Our speechwriters provide words for you to deliver and communicate. 

People similar to you hire speechwriters when they are unaccustomed to public speaking.

Even when people with good writing skills have to write a speech, they may be unaccustomed to speaking in public. Speech writing is different to letter writing. It is a good idea to hire speechwriters because they know their craft.  

It may not be purely for their expertise that you hire someone to write your speech, but rather to boost your confidence. With a good speech in your hand, you can stand up confidently in front of an audience.

Practice is very important if you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with speaking in public. We will ensure you receive your draft in good time to allow you to practice. A lot of people procrastinate when they have to write speeches. This reduces practice time. In turn, this negatively impacts the effectiveness of a presentation or speech.

People in your position buy a custom speech when they are not sure where to begin.

This is one of many reasons for hiring a professional speechwriter.

Speech Writing Assistance

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A common reason for hiring speechwriters is to ensure a speech is really effective and professional sounding. Effective speeches are comprised of several elements:

  • They are well-written
  • Contain a meaningful message
  • Are delivered in a powerful way
  • They attract the interest of an audience.

The message in a speech needs to be worthwhile. This is your job. So you need a speech that communicates your message. You are responsible for the rest but a good speechwriter will get you to this point.

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Write My Speech for Me!

People make this request when they have not time to craft their own speeches.

Speakers ask professional writers to “write a speech for me” when they are too busy themselves. In reality, it is possibly because you do many things that you were asked to deliver a speech. Leaving it too late means, it may not be very good.

Using a great speech writing service is an excellent way of getting a speech crafted without getting distracted from other activities. It means you need not worry about:

  • Choice of words
  • Including too much or too little detail
  • Structure
  • Tone or timing

During practice, speeches can be tweaked. However, the majority of work will be complete in the initial draft. 

Finding Good Speechwriters to Hire

Should you need expert speech writing services, can assist. Simply click the appropriate button on our website to obtain a free, no-obligation quote.

3 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 

  • Question: Can you write me a speech?

Answer: Most speakers use ghostwriters so do not worry. Complete the order form and become one of the bright people who get their speeches written by professionals.

  • Question: Where can I find good speechwriters?

Answer: The writers at are meticulously vetted and tested. Complete the form and we will arrange everything.  

  • Question: What is the process for hiring a good ghostwriter?

Answer: That is the purpose of our writing service. Just provide as much information as you can on the order form and our representatives will begin by providing a quote.

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What Does Speech Writing Involve?

Writing a good speech, whether it is for a graduation or wedding, can be challenging. People are often ill prepared for the difficulties. Good speechwriting is a form of art that requires creativity as well as physical and mental stamina. Speeches are usually written to convey a message to an audience and/or as calls to action. Therefore, it is important they contain strong, persuasive messages. Many people find they lack the inspiration and creativity for such a task. Often, however, inspiration by itself is insufficient.  

A speech is a piece of writing comprised of thoughts and ideas geared towards a specific event. Speeches come in various types and sizes. They may be short or long; they may go on from two to seven minutes according to the event i.e. whether it is a wedding, graduation, or business meeting. They additionally fall into different categories and types; therefore, it can help to view some samples to understand the essence of a good speech. This should prove useful if you have to create a speech from scratch and are not sure where to begin. Remember that a speech can: 

  • Persuade
  • Inform
  • Be delivered at a special event/occasion.

Hence, a speech writing assignment can have different goals depending on its purpose. If, for example, your speech is for motivational purposes you need to included words and/or phrases that motivate people. If you want to inform an audience about, say, a new direction or innovation, make sure your presentation is interesting and focused on your message. A speech for a special occasion needs to be creative and personal, which also takes time and effort.   

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Furthermore, we can provide a speech template free-of-charge to show you how a completed text will look. Get in touch with our customer services team to request a free sample and it will be sent to you very quickly. Order your speeches from and we will ensure you are 100% satisfied.

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