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Memo writing within the area of Law can be a challenging assignment for many hence the need to hire a legal memo writer from a trustworthy service. Memo writing belongs to assignments that are widespread in the business and legal environment.

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If you are a student majoring in Law, Business Administration, or Business and Management, or if you are a graduate who is just starting a career, you may be expected to work on business reports, legal case briefs, financial plans, and memos. These documents are all a part of the formal and semi-formal correspondence that is aimed at communicating thoughts, ideas, and other messages in a business setting with colleagues and administration.

Memo writing is a brief document that intends to deliver some message to a group of colleagues. Even though it does not seem challenging to write, at first sight, one should be careful about the requirements as well as content and formatting standards in order to deal with it properly. legal brief writing services are really one of the best ones that can provide you with top-notch memo assignment help.

If you cooperate with and purchase memo writing help from us, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • excellent-quality memo writing provided according to the set requirements;
  • proper formatting and organization of the content;
  • confidentiality of personal and contact information;
  • affordable pricing policy;
  • the assistance of expert writers;
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Definition of a Legal Memo

Legal Memo Sections

A legal memo is a formal document that is written by a lawyer. It intends to benefit the client by providing an explanation of the given area of law, analyzing a specific fact pattern within the realm of the branch of law, and puts forward a recommendation on what actions to take next. When you are providing a legal memo, you are expected to think like a lawyer because you need to maintain the right focus.

Purpose of Legal Memo Writing

As a lawyer, your core purpose is to explain to the client the case and what should be done about it. Therefore, you should not be emotionally involved in the case as your main goal is to provide an objective discussion and analysis of the issue. So, make sure that you separate the emotional component from the case and carry out in-depth research of the issue from the legal perspective. You may as such use some legal theories or methodologies.

The legal memo is normally sent to the customer directly. As a rule, it is written on the basis of some other work, such as an opinion letter, judgment, legal instrument, factum, etc. Therefore, the legal memo should adhere to the principles of formal writing.

Elements of a Legal Memo

When talking about the mode of organization and the elements that should be included, it is a must that the memo represents a methodological way of thinking. The given problem should be clearly addressed. Besides, you need to be transparent when it comes to conveying opinions and presenting the thoughts you have. At the same time, there is no one unified way for structuring the legal memorandum. The structure may depend on some specific requirements given to you, on the client`s needs, or on the purpose you intend to achieve.

Structure of a Legal Memo

Legal Memorandum Structure

TO: [recipient]

FROM: [your name]

DATE: [when you submit the memo]

FILE: [number of the file; the matter of the client]

SUBJECT: [clear and brief description of the issue at hand]

Table of contents. This section is optional and is used when the memo is longer or contains many different chapters. It helps readers to navigate through the sections more easily. In other words, it serves the purpose of a paper outline.

Background section. This section is optional as well: it may provide some background information on the case or it may include the purpose of writing a memo. You need to provide some concise setting on what the issue is about, the purpose of writing it, and so on.

Facts. The basics of the research should be highlighted here. It is essential to provide sufficient details on how well the issue was researched, what information was derived, what findings were obtained in the process of analysis, etc. All gathered facts that are relevant to the issue/ problem at hand should be evaluated as well. Here it is essential to provide all facts in chronological order so that the development of ideas and facts seems logical. In case there is some discrepancy of facts, you need to mention it as well.

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Assumptions. This section is optional, and it is needed if not all questions could be answered and you now need to bring in your assumptions.

Issues. You need to present all legal questions that may be relevant to the central problem. You should further extract issues from the given questions.

Conclusions. The answers should be carefully summarized here and all the main findings should be re-emphasized. Remember that no new information should be provided here.

Legislation. This section is optional and should be provided if it is critical in relation to the conclusion.

Discussion/ Analysis. You need to describe the legal theories, laws, and methodologies relevant to the given problem. In case there are commentaries on the law, they should be provided too. All this theory should be applied practically to the real-life case.

All theories should be carefully integrated into practice. Predictions on how to resolve the case should also be made if relevant. If there is more than one issue, each of them should be analyzed and discussed separately. It is recommended to use headings and subheadings in this section. Remember to use appropriate language and legal terms.

Sources consulted. Whenever you take some information as supporting evidence from outside sources, remember to cite it properly and add it to the sources consulted list. All sources should be properly formatted according to the assigned citation style.

Appendices. This section is optional and it normally provides some graphs, tables, statistics, and other visual information that could not have been included in the main section of the paper.

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Writing Tips on How to Write a Legal Memorandum

  1. Start the writing process with proper research of the topic. After that provide a detailed outline, where you specify all paper sections.
  2. Make sure you present the research in a legible way that is easily comprehensible to the general audience.
  3. Provide a proper heading, where you include full information about the sender, recipient, and subject matter.
  4. Formulate a brief statement clearly. It should be answered with «yes» or «no» and then should be explained properly.
  5. Come up with a table of contents if you want your readers to navigate through the paper easily.
  6. When providing a statement of facts, be as objective as possible. Provide only relevant facts. If applicable, add some visuals to better explain the issue.
  7. All answers should be provided in a clear and direct way. Do not provide any confusing statements. The vocabulary you use should be clear as well.
  8. Provide assumptions in case, not all questions could be clearly answered.
  9. When discussing the issue, use the format that would best reveal the problem and provide solutions. Normally, IRAC and CIRAC are used.
  10. Provide a conclusion, and remember that it may go right after the statement of facts or already at the end of the memo.

2 Ways to Discuss Legal Issues

Write Me a Memo

Memo writing is a formal business document that is a demonstration of how knowledgeable and professional you are, so it is a good idea to ask expert writers to «write me a memo» if you are worried that a memo written on your own may spoil your reputation. Even though that a memo document is short, it is really serious as, when working on it, you have no right for making mistakes.

You should never underestimate the importance of making sure that the memo is error-free. So, if you are not fully confident in your skills and knowledge, and if you doubt that you will hardly ever provide a completely flawless memo, feel free to rely on legal memo writers.

Whether you need to write a professional memorandum or a memo as a part of an academic assignment, be sure that you can rely on memo assignment help. Our expert writers will help you out with a task of any complexity, so you are free to order a memo regardless of its topic or complexity level.

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Purchase Memo Assignment Help

If a memo that you have to write is really challenging and complicated to deal with, be sure that you can get memo assignment help from experts. Rest assured that our company`s legal memo writers can fulfill all the abovementioned criteria and other needs to make your memo excellent in quality. Each and every writer on our team is well-versed in the academic writing standards and formatting rules.

Besides, our writers can provide clients with the main templates needed for managing the memo writing task successfully. With the help of templates, it will be easier for one to follow the structure and to ensure that all the necessary memo constituents are not overlooked.

When you cooperate with our company, your assigned writer will definitely have all the skills and knowledge needed to provide a premium-quality piece of writing for you. Your assigned legal memo writer is guaranteed to have access to credible and trustworthy materials, scholarly databases and libraries, business journals, and other sources. As such, whenever you need some statistics, numerical data, etc., you can be assured that your writer will provide you with plausible information.

How to Buy a Memo from Our Legal Brief Writing Services?

Legal Brief Writing Services

It is really easy to purchase a memo from legal brief writing services even if you have never placed orders online before. First of all, the website is user-friendly. Second, it is really easy to navigate as you can find all the necessary information and then click the necessary links and buttons for details. Last but not least, the website has an appealing design, so it is easy to notice all the important information. What is even more important, the order placement process is really quick as it takes only a few steps.

There is a clear order registration form that should be carefully filled in with personal and contact information and then with specific details about your order. After you have provided all order details and sent any other updates, you should then proceed with the payment. You can use one of the most convenient online payment options provided there: a credit card, Visa, Master Card, or any other.

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Should you be interested in getting memo writing help from, check out some other details of the order placement process:

  1. As soon as you place the order on the website, you will receive a letter of confirmation via email. As such, you will be able to monitor the progress of writing in your personal cabinet on the website.
  2. Payment for the order is obligatory right after you have provided the order details and instructions. A writer will not be assigned to work on your order unless you pay for it.
  3. After we receive a payment from you, we will assign the best writer to work on your paper. We will make sure that the writer meets your paper requirements, matches your academic complexity level, and qualifications on the whole.
  4. You will be able to communicate with your assigned writer and keep track of the writing progress by using the direct messaging system on the website.
  5. Upon paper completion, it will be forwarded to the editorial department where it will be edited and proofread carefully by the quality assurance team. Before the paper is delivered to you, it will be also scanned via the anti-plagiarism software.

Cheap Legal Memo Writing Service from Experts company can undoubtedly claim that we provide cheap legal memo writing service if to compare the prices with the other companies on the custom market. At the same time, we can truly claim that we do not undermine the quality of writing. So, if you are a student of the Law or Business department, or if you are majoring in these disciplines, you will be surely assigned a task to provide a memorandum paper. Many students get immensely worried about this assignment since they have little practice in these tasks. They are actually not popular assignments.

Another difficulty may arise when a student finds out that the topic or central issue that should be conveyed in the memo is not actually that easy and understandable. A memo essay assignment is a widespread task among students from colleges and universities, and it required them to demonstrate in-depth theoretical and practical skills and knowledge in specific topics acquired during the course.

If you think that you have some gaps in knowledge, feel free to rely on professional help from an experienced legal memo writer. Professional writers from will gladly help you out with memo writing assignments regardless of the discipline, topic, or general task specifics.

If you cannot cope with the task on your own and you are seeking custom-writing help, or if you just need professional guidance on how to cope with the task, feel free to rely on legal brief writing services.

Law Memo Writer

Law Memo Writer is a custom writing service that holds top positions on the custom writing market when it comes to providing law memo writing help and assistance with legal case brief writing. Our company has earned an excellent reputation among customers from all over the world. has managed to provide top-quality writing help with memorandum paper writing assignments as well as with legal case brief analysis. The company is reliable and trustworthy as it hires only highly-qualified legal memo writers who have the necessary qualifications and skills needed to deliver custom writing assistance at the top level.

When you are placing a memo essay or a legal brief with, you can be sure that it will be written specifically as per the given instructions. Our company takes pride in our experienced writers who hold Master`s and Ph.D. academic degrees and can provide customers from all over the world with all the necessary help needed to get excellent grades.

When you trust your order to our company, you can be sure that your assignment will be handled by a professional legal memo writer or legal brief writer who has the necessary qualifications to handle your task in the best way. Whenever you place an order with us, you can be assured that the paper will adhere to all requirements. What is even more important, all papers are delivered on time regardless of the set deadline or academic complexity level.

A legal memo writer assigned to work on your memorandum order definitely knows what professors expect from their students. With, you can be sure of the quality of orders provided. All writers on our team are real experts in the field.

Buy a Memorandum Essay Online

When you buy a memorandum essay online from, you are guaranteed a reliable custom writing service provider. All services that we provide are of superior quality, and they aim to meet all requirements and expectations and provide custom-written assignments. When you purchase a memo online from us, be sure that your assigned legal memo writer will carefully go through the following process of memo preparation:

  1. Coming up with a perfect heading for your memo. Your writer will provide such details as the writer`s ID, the date of submission, the recipients` names, etc.
  2. Preparation of the table of contents. This section will be helpful for the target audience to be aware of the structural elements. As such, it will be easy to find the necessary section of the memo.
  3. Preparation of the statement of facts section. In this section, all the needed details will be clearly provided in the form of a concise summary.
  4. Preparation of the answer section. All questions will be clearly and concisely answered. Necessary supporting facts and evidence will be given as well.
  5. Preparation of all assumptions. In case some questions are left unanswered, it is essential to come up with some assumptions to the highlighted questions. As such, here they will be covered.
  6. Preparation of the legal issue. It takes the form of a one-sentence statement. It should be brief and informative at the same time. It should also name the problems or issues that are going to be discussed.
  7. Preparation of the discussion. Your writer will use either of the two formats: IRAC or CIRAC, where the former stands for «issue, rule, analysis, conclusion» and the latter stands for «conclusion, issue, rule, analysis, conclusion.»
  8. Preparation of the conclusion. The conclusive section should re-emphasize the main analyzed aspects.
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