High School Research Paper

What Is a High School Research Paper Meeting Academic Standards?

What is a high school research paper? This question is often posed by high school students who are supposed to create such an academic work. Thus, a research paper is a complex piece of writing that requires extensive research, data analysis, source evaluation, and text organization. Such a writing project helps not only broaden a specific academic area but also improve students’ knowledge of the matter in question. It is necessary to admit that a research paper has to be based on incontrovertible facts and provide accurate information only. When composing such a work, students have to show that they are capable of examining different sources and differentiating between the data of primary and secondary importance. One should realize that the purpose of a research paper is not to provide readers with information about a specific issue but give them a detailed insight into the discussed subject.

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Essential High School Research Paper Elements

When creating a research paper, it is important to follow the established writing rules and mind all the key high school research paper elements that have to be included in such a work. The chief structural elements of a research paper are listed below:

  • Title page. Here, you are required to sate the title of your writing project, your name, and the data about your educational establishment. Note that you may be also asked to provide some other information on the title (cover) page. If you do not want to miss any data that has to be presented on such a page, ask your professor for clarifications.
  • Introductory section. In this unit, you are supposed to present your topic to readers by means of a strong thesis statement highlighting the key idea of your paper. You should briefly outline the tackled issue and offer its possible solution.
  • Literature review. This section should provide an overview of the sources which you have referred to when examining the topic. Remember that only authoritative resources have to be used to create a solid research paper.
  • Methodology. When writing this unit, you need to tell readers what techniques and methods you have employed when conducting research. For example, you may do some experiments, make calculations, etc.
  • Analysis. Here, you are required to perform a detailed analysis of the collected material. The methods of analysis vary depending on the topic. One of the widely used methods is a SWOT analysis.
  • Results. In this section, you should highlight the obtained research results. Additionally, you are supposed to state in what areas and how those results can be used. What is more, in this unit, you have to put forward helpful suggestions on what methods to use to improve the research results.
  • Discussion. This part should provide detailed explanations about how you have researched the matter, what your findings reveal, and what your personal opinion about the subject is. This section has to be closely connected with the introductory one, a thesis statement in particular.
  • Conclusion. In this section, you need to reiterate the main points of each of the units comprising your research paper. In this way, you will refresh readers’ memory.
  • List of references. It has to include all the sources you have used for preparing your research paper. Make sure to adhere to the formatting guidelines provided by your professor.
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Qualities of a Good Research Paper

If you are eager to find out what the qualities of a good research paper are, pay attention to the following points:

  1. A good research paper has a powerful thesis statement.
  2. Ideas are connected logically.
  3. Writer’s thoughts and statements are backed up with sound arguments and helpful examples.
  4. A credible research paper highlights an opposing viewpoint and provides detailed explanations about why writer’s opinion is right.
  5. A worthy paper shows that a student is fully aware of all aspects of the matter in question.
  6. A quality work is free from plagiarism. The used sources are cited correctly.
  7. A piece of writing is produced in proper English.

How to Write Research Papers for High School

How to Write Research Papers for High School

Take a look at the items presented below and you will realize how to write research papers for high school appropriately.

Arrange a Schedule

To make certain that your academic work will be submitted on time, you should manage your time wisely. Once a schedule is planned, you can be confident of submitting your project on time.

Be Attentive when Selecting a Topic

If you are allowed to pick a subject on your own, you can choose the one which you are mad keen on. Make sure you ae able to collect enough information about the topic and cover it completely.

Produce a Thesis Statement

It should illustrate the chief idea of your writing project. Keep in mind that each of the paper sections has to be closely connected with a thesis statement.

Refer to Reliable Secondary Sources

In order to prepare an objective research paper, it is worth using several sources. All of them have to be reliable and up-to-date.

Prepare an Outline

Once the material is collected, start creating an outline. By following a detailed plan, you will not miss any of the points you intend to discuss in your work.

Produce a First Draft

Compose a first draft and check it for consistency. Make sure that there are smooth transitions between the paper sections and the ideas are connected logically. Additionally, ensure the quotations are arranged correctly.

Edit Your Paper

Before submitting your work, make certain it does not include any grammar errors and flaws. You may ask some of your family members or friends to look through your paper and express their opinion about it.

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Helpful High School Research Paper Writing Tips

Below, there are some extra high school research paper writing tips by following which it will be easier for you to cope with the given assignment.

  1. Read the instructions attentively. If you skip this step, you will not be able to produce a top-flight writing project.
  2. Select a good subject. The choice of topic has already been discussed. However, we would like to add that you have to mind the word count requirements when picking a topic. Make sure the chosen theme is suitable for meeting the word count specifications.
  3. Work efficiently. Do not delay if you desire to complete the assignment on the due date. The sooner your paper is created, the quicker you will be free.
  4. Follow instructions. It is of cardinal importance to meet professor’s demands concerning content, structure and format. Otherwise, you will not be able to get an excellent grade in your assignment.
  5. Cite sources correctly. All the resources you are using for preparing your writing project have to be cited in accordance with the stated formatting style. The list of utilized sources should be provided at the end of your academic work.

High School Research Paper Writing Service

Writing a high school research paper is the first step towards the brilliant future you start building right now. Before starting your work on your high school research paper, you need to organize the materials such like books, articles, research results and test results analysis. Firstly, make an outline for your research or essay paper. Make sure that you use your own words and thoughts. If you decide to use some phrase, you should use proper citation and format it accordingly inside your paper. Sample research paper may come in handy while you are writing your own assignment. Further, the topic for research paper should be thoroughly chosen to make clear and bright presentation of your paper at the same time. To begin your paper you have to know what to write about. To do that it is important to have a clear plan of your paper. The most general information should be given in the introduction and in the abstract of your paper.

High School Research Project Assignment Help

The paper should be properly structured and formatted. Actually, the paper should have three clear parts like introduction, followed by a main body, and conclusion. The rest possible parts like discussion, analysis of the experiment are additional and can be written if the professor requires you to do that. For some high school students it is important to have only top grades for all of their writing assignments. However, to be on the top of everything is not always possible. For such cases you can find a cheap way to solve this problem and buy your essay research or a term paper online at Essays-Writer.net. Do that while you have enough time before submitting the paper to your professor, so that the writers have enough time to complete this task for you and for you to be able to request of any possible corrections if they are needed. Obviously, high school research paper is an essential part of study of every high school student and has to be completed on time and with the best quality. We do not provide you with just cheap papers, as we make them cheap for you by offering the best price on the market of custom writing companies.

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Look at PDF Research Paper Samples for High School Students

Chemistry Research Paper Ideas for High School

Diverse Chemistry Research Paper Topics for High School

  1. Peculiarities of Oxygen
  2. Specifics of an atomic-molecular theory
  3. Significance of Oxygen
  4. Means used for protecting air from pollution
  5. Connection between Chemistry and people’s health
  6. Chemicals used for purifying water
  7. Urgent ecological problems
  8. Periodic table: characteristics
  9. Peculiarities of ionic bond
  10. Classifications of chemical reactions
  11. Catalysis: peculiar features
  12. Hydrolysis: specifics of the process
  13. Properties and use of acids
  14. Salts: kinds, characteristics, and use
  15. Use of alloys in Metallurgy
  16. Specific features of Aluminum and its use
  17. General characteristics of iron
  18. Metals and non-metals: basic features
  19. The use of Chromium in the metal industry
  20. The use of chemicals in daily life
  21. Chemistry and health protection
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Popular English Research Paper Topics for High School

  1. Why is English considered a universal language and why should it be learnt?
  2. The role of movies in learning English
  3. What is the most suitable age to commence learning foreign languages?
  4. Does learning English promote students’ cultural development?
  5. Songs, books, and movies as an effective means of learning English

Captivating Biology Research Paper Topics for High School

  1. What is DNA and what its functions are?
  2. Cancer as a result of cell mutation
  3. What instruments are widely used in the laboratories conducting experiments in Biology?
  4. What kinds of cells does our body consist of?
  5. Consequences of ignoring safety measures in the Biology laboratory
  6. Blood: properties and functions

Science Research Paper Ideas For High School

Interesting Science Research Paper Topics for High School

  1. Should people interact with dangerous animals?
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of cryogenics
  3. Can human lifespan be extended by means of Nanomedicine?
  4. Can fossil fuels be replaced by alternative energy?
  5. Can artificial intelligence replace humans?

Common Math Research Paper Topics for High School

  1. Can math modify the world around us?
  2. Is math often used in everyday life?
  3. Are math contests useful for students?
  4. Why is “x” chosen to be the unknown?
  5. What are the most acute problems in the Math area?

Physics Research Paper Ideas for High School

Engaging Physics Research Paper Topics for High School

  1. The most significant studies of Stephen Hawking
  2. Galileo Galilei: his views on life
  3. Connection between sport and kinetic energy
  4. Newton’s contribution to the Physics area
  5. The Laws of Physics in daily life
  6. Why is studying Physics important?
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