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Research Analysis

The article under analysis consists of ten logically organized parts, where each has its own purpose. In its introductory part, the authors clearly identify the main problem and variable of the research (children and young people, who suffer from sex trafficking day by day). The constructs of the work are clear and simple. Firstly, the authors admit child sexual trafficking as an urgent problem to discuss. There are also a number of changing factors, which prevent the authority to protect the society against this kind of trafficking. Secondly, the concepts like sex trafficking, its conditions, victims, traffickers themselves, and sex tourism are defined to provide the reader with a general idea of the work. Finally, clear recommendations are given.

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Research Critique

Statement of the Problem Research Topic

The topic of the article is sexual trafficking and people’s inability to protect themselves from the traffickers, who want to earn money. Walters & Davis (2011) tell that “most people do not understand that trafficking is a global problem with local implications” (p.  2). Thus, this fact promotes the development of a serious problem in the modern world.

Research Problem

From the very beginning of the article, it becomes clear that the idea of slavery and people’s inability to protect their rights has not disappeared in the 20th century. It is present now, though it is of different nature, the sexual-oriented nature. The authors mention that the Trafficking Victims Protection Act has been assigned in 2000 (U.S. Congress, 2000). Still, there had not been any other kind of protection before. People did not know how to protect themselves and avoid shame that was caused by sexual crimes. Unfortunately, there are many ways to develop sex trafficking and avoid punishment, and people have to know how to secure their own lives and the lives of their children and relatives.

Research Questions/Hypotheses

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There is no a particular research question in the article. The authors aim at disclosing the issue of sexual trafficking and child abuse in order to provide the reader with important facts, credible information, and real life examples. Walters & Davis (2011) underline that people usually see the victims of sexual assaults, still the latter cannot be recognized as such. A number of women and children are transported from Mexico to the United States, and the authority representatives are not able to control these traffics; sometimes, they just do not want to do it. Thus, it is very important to define the theme of sexual trafficking and child abuse as one of the most urgent in the American society and think about the measurements that can be taken.

Review of the Literature

To support the ideas offered in the article, the authors make use of statistics and annual reports offered online. For example, according to the U.S. Department of State (2008),  more than 800,000 people are trafficked in the USA annually. With the help of annual reports, Walters and Davis (2011) prove that the topic chosen for the analysis has to be discussed critically. Case examples offered in the article help to understand that sexual trafficking is real, and real people suffer from it every day. As a rule, these are the people under eighteen years old. One case example used by the writers introduces the story of a young girl, who has disappeared after numerous sexual assaults. In fact, sexual trafficking is not only about forced orders and the necessity to meet the demands of the traffickers. Sexual trafficking may lead to human deaths, and it is a crime that cannot be forgiven. The researchers also address the Embrey Human Rights Program and Technical Assistance for the Southern Border Initiative to offer the most reliable means of protection and promote people pay more attention to the problems of sexual trafficking in the USA (Walters & Davis, 2011).


A qualitative type of research is used in the article under consideration. The authors aim at exploring the issue of sexual trafficking, understanding human behavior, and defining the reasons of why people make decisions to use sex as an earning means. Walters and Davis (2011) pose a number of questions and give certain answers, using the data obtained from the reports, interviews, and their own investigations.

Data collection helps identify an approximate number of people, who suffer from sex violence. The aim of using statistics in the paper is to prove that children need to be protected. The figures should influence people and create the reaction required.

Results and Conclusions

In general, the results of the research conducted are promising indeed. The authors discuss the topic of sexual trafficking thoroughly, use credible evidences to support their positions, and call the reader to pay more attention to violence that happens around. With the help of policy recommendations offered at the end of the article, the authors demonstrate the accuracy of their choice and the desire to help the reader and introduce a longstanding research. The authors call people to improve their knowledge and recognize sexual trafficking, develop appropriate programs to secure people, and create research teams to develop the chosen topic in the future. The results of the research conducted serve as the best evidence that sexual trafficking and child abuse are complex problems that have to be solved as soon as possible. There is a sign of hope that the situation may be improved, and people should use the possibility to make the world they live in better. The problem has been already identified in the article, and now, it is time to search for some solutions. Therefore, information offered may become a good stimulus for work, communication, and learning.

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