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Nationalism is a form of unhealthy patriotism. For example, when people become nationalistic, they often degrade other nations. They always feel superior over other nations while believing that theirs is more precious. This in other terms is known as false confidence regarding a nation. In the U. S., for example, it is a problem that most citizens go through. This is a result of their believing that they are a superior country in terms of their economic success.

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Reports from The New York Times indicate that in the past month, the nation has suffered because of nationalism even more, and it is negatively affecting the nation. For instance, the citizens believe that since they are among the best economic powers internationally, other nations are less important. For this reason, they keep creating a split between them and other nations, thus, causing poor relations.

In his book, “Clash of Civilizations”, Samuel P. Huntington tries to survey nationalism and states its effects together with his views regarding the same matter. He gives the book two diverse faces while expressing his opinion, as well. To begin with, the success of the Western nations, especially during the Cold War, was a result of their advanced manner of organizing carnage. This is unlike the false information they choose to feed themselves with conviction that their success resulted from their supremacy of thoughts and religion. It is unfortunate that they forget their collaboration with non-westerners, which also helped them to succeed. This was proved when they started to restructure the military personnel in favor of the Europeans.

Samuel explains that the U. S., being among the world’s leading economies, is exposed to the privilege, which could also be risky for making resolutions regarding the economic concerns of the universe. This issue concerns Japan as well as Germany. The scientist explained the fact that the Western region is the only one with considerable interests in the rest of the territories. Westerners can affect politics as well as economic affairs of other nations because of this tactics. It is also factual that other nations rely on aid from the Westerners to run most of their programs. This includes their banking systems and control of their currencies among other critical affairs.

Huntington also looked at the diminishment of the same civilization. For instance, he elucidated that the Western nations were subject to decline while other nations tended to develop in terms of their political powers as well as economic and military forces. He links it to the Cold War, which, even though made them feel superior, exhausted their strength and resources. Consequently, they tend to put more focus on possible ways of solving their current problems. For example, they are forced to cope with drug addiction, which takes lives of their citizens away. In addition to that, there are increased rates of unemployment as such nations experience greater deficits, which equate to a drop in their economic strengths.

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He further raised a discussion in which he explained the fact that the U. S. is bound to experience a fall-off of their economic position. The economic position of the United States will fall compared to other super powers, such as China and Japan. Huntington revealed that the military empire, as well as other efficient potential systems between the U. S. and other developing civilization powers, is expected to stretch. Its structural dominion is also expected to be transferred to non-national actors, such as the universal co-operations. This is predicted to occur if they continue to split while other nations merge. Following Samuel P. Huntington’s views, he would be against the nationalism in the U. S.

Fascism, on the other hand, is a form of discrimination in which an individual loves himself more than other people. It is often related to dictatorship as well as nationalism. However, in cases of fascism, an individual tends to be selfish at the expense of other people specifically when their political system allows for that. Fascism was first witnessed in Germany as well as Italy. Today, it has extended to several nations, however not in such a radical form, but it is an issue of concern in the United States. It is also a global disease which treatment is yet to be discovered.

According to research, fascists are obsessed with hunger for money and power. Their craving for dominion is extremely drastic, which makes them derail humanity. For example, several racists would not mind tormenting minority groups just to exercise their power. At certain extremes, they can even murder individuals provided they will gain wealth from the act. They also practice violence against the minority groups so as to achieve satisfaction of their desires. Fascists normally discriminate people in terms of their cultures, races and religion among other kinds of national peculiarities.

Recent reports from the New York Times unravel the development of racism and its repercussions in the U. S. To begin with, most cases of fascism in the state are linked to racism. It is greatly taken for racism because of the harsh treatment that the Caucasian Americans experience on the “inferior cultures”, which are majorly the Black, as well as the Brown Americans. It is evident that this is more than racism, considering the fact that the political system of the U. S. allows for such an attitude towards diverse ethic groups.

Reports indicate that even though all individuals participate in criminal activities and are victims of drug abuse, it is the Black and the Brown Americans who tend to be imprisoned for such activities. Reports reveal that the White Americans often evade their responsibilities, especially after engaging in criminal activities. This is based on the fact that they have the freedom to bribe the authorities without being charged or better still pay fines. This is unlike the case with the minorities. Moreover, during times of war, the Caucasian Americans were supported by the state of torture of the minority groups. For example, the Caucasian Americans are encouraged to celebrate and mock the inferior groups when they experience losses including the loss of their family members.

Research indicates that the Caucasian Americans have been allowed to exercise dominion over the lesser groups. They tend to be proud and mistreat the other people. For instance, the law allows them some privileges, which are denied to the minorities. The lesser groups, on the contrary, are not allowed to work in certain offices.

In his book, “Mein Kampf’, Hitler explores his views on the issue of rigorous discrimination. As a young child, Hitler was exposed to socialism. Unfortunately, when he grew up he developed the quest for dominion. He, thus, longed to take control of the entire world and he would do anything just to obtain that power. He later came into power and turned all his inhuman ideas into reality. As a leader, he preached bigotry against other parties of individuals just as he practiced the same. He ended up demanding elimination of unemployment in the state.

Adolf Hitler would be proud of the current fascism in the U. S. because of the fact that he advocated for this eradicative form of authoritarian nationalism. It is, however, an undeniable fact that fascism is holocaustal to any productive nation and should be avoided.

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