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Writing articles for sale is not an easy task. This tricky work becomes even more complicated once an individual receives such an assignment during the English composition course. An article writing assigned by a professor may entail the review and analysis of the course readings along with the presentation of personal opinion and additional facts, gathered during the research.

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Meanwhile, articles found in personal blogs may revolve around some life experience. Unlike personal blog articles, professional blogs contain texts that are based on well-researched data. Such information attracts both, the general audience, and professionals. Thus, articles serve as the perfect means in marketing and e-commerce. Regardless of the reasons behind your need for a well-written article, our team of professionals is ready to offer their help and guidance.

Still, to craft a good article, the first thing you need is a thorough understanding of what a professional article is. In general, an article is a text that targets a large audience. Once being written, an article “travels” to either an online or printed periodical to be published and read by people. Mostly, articles are published in such non-scholarly sources as newspapers or magazines, blogs, or web pages; meanwhile, academic articles are published in reputable, peer-reviewed journals and capstone projects.

Objectives of Article Writing and Types of Articles

It would be prudent to note that non-academic articles often discuss some current issues or topics interesting to the broad audience. Such texts often alert readers about burning problems, influence them and urge them to think or even act. On the contrary, academic articles are more specific and are divided into several main categories which are: research articles, opinions and hypotheses, mini-reviews, perspectives, resource reports, observations, commentaries, editorials, and sometimes, letters to editors. Such articles are read by experts and often they change the world for the better.

Article Writing: Where To Start

Let us say you have already gathered a lot of useful information on a specific topic of interest to you. You feel that this knowledge is valuable and worth sharing with the audience broader than your family and friends. What do you need to do? Of course, you need to arrange all the gathered data into an article and publish it.

Still, there are a lot of people who possess good knowledge and valuable opinions, but they hesitate to publish their ideas. Consider this: whenever you open a newspaper or a magazine, you read not merely some information; these are the opinions, suggestions, and problems that other people are willing to share with you. These people have already found a way to share their beliefs and knowledge with the rest of the world. So, why not try to do the same thing?

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The General Outline of an Article

To inform the reader clearly and concisely, an article should be properly organized. Thus, here is a helpful but general outline for a scholarly/non-scholarly article:

  1. The title of the article
  2. Writer’s name (usually indicated under the title)
  3. Introduction (usually introduces the topic of the paper and consists of one paragraph)
  4. The body of the article (it's main part that consists of several paragraphs)
  5. Conclusion (The final paragraph where the findings are summed up and a recommendation is presented)

Meanwhile, a detailed outline highlights the main ideas of each paragraph’s topic sentence. Drafting such an outline allows one to avoid repetitions. As a rule, these are full-sentence outlines with multiple levels.

Now that you know what topic interests you and understand the general structure of any article, you should:

  • Identify your target audience (those people who are supposed to be interested in your topic or who are likely to benefit from the knowledge you want to share);
  • Formulate the purpose/objective of writing your article;
  • Organize all the gathered information into separate groups of facts and logically arrange them, to lead your reader to the conclusion, that is drawn from those facts;
  • Create the first draft of your future chef-d’oeuvre.

A helpful tip: make sure that any fact you present in your paper does not leave your reader wondering “so what?”

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Aspects to Consider when Writing an Article

  • Your topics should be relevant while ideas presented in articles should be original;
  • The very first sentence should be catchy and intriguing;
  • The information should be easy to understand;
  • The target audience should be clear to you and your reader;
  • Avoid stereotyped and gender-biased language
  • You should know the purpose of writing a specific article, be it a desire to share some valuable knowledge or extraordinary experience;
  • The title must correspond to the information presented in the body of the article;
  • The statements should be clear and assertive
  • Repetitions and wordiness should be avoided
  • The information should be presented in a logical manner
  • Use sub-headings and transitions between the paragraphs/ideas
  • Make sure each paragraph starts with a topic sentence with one claim supported with evidence further in the paragraph.
  • Make sure, to sum up, the main ideas in one concluding paragraph.

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To produce click-worthy content articles for sale, one should be prepared to face multiple challenges. The truth is that to write a value-rich article, you must have a deep understanding of a specific topic and sufficient writing skills. What is more, you should be able to organize your work correctly. Even though the majority of students strive to develop good writing skills while in college, it requires much time and practice. For this reason, they often turn to custom writing companies for help and buy essay papers and articles for sale from the Internet. If this is your case, you have come to the right place! Our company can help you to create an excellent article and save your time and money. We know how to organize work in such a way that at the end you get a professionally written custom paper of high quality.

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