In order to write an analysis paper the writer must be able to perform action of division and classification. It means that the writer must be able to divide a big text into small groups which can be easily processed. Classification of the text means possibility to arrange ideas into certain groups. It is a possibility to perform organization of things that surround us. If you write an analysis paper you must be able to work with different categories and also be able to divide big group into small groups and subgroups.

Proper Way of Analysis Essay Writing

If you want to write a good critical analysis essay, you must be able to work with its components comparing and identifying them. If you do not know how to write an essay, here are some tips of effective writing:

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  • First of all you have to catch the tone of writing.

It is a stage when you form your attitude towards the information you get while reading. It is very important and individual part of work because your understanding of the text influences the way you will interpret it in future.

  • The second important thing is the main point of a writer.

In order to make a good analysis in an essay you must have your own point and be able to highlight it. Writer’s point of view is the basis of analysis.

Analysis paper is a piece of writing that gives critical description of some concept, text, etc. Critical analysis essay requires great skills and critical approach to the topic. Unlike many other types of papers requiring only general description of the main idea or exclusively author’s thoughts, analysis essay requires deep research and scientific approach.

Many teachers like to give assignment of analysis paper writing because it is a very challenging task to do. In order to get it done the writer must be attentive to details and very critical in his approach.

Analysis paper writing requires more or less strict structure. First of all, the main statement of the paper must be put into the first part of the text. Main thesis explains what the papers is about and how the problem will be highlighted. The object of investigation and analysis is the main idea of the text, it is “WHAT” and the way in which the analysis is going to be done is “HOW” of the paper.

For example, if you are going to write a paper on political campaign represented by different advertisements, TV commercials and political mailings, the main thesis may look like a statement about bending the truth by both candidates about each other in order to manipulate minds of electors by using political jargon.

In this case the whole paper may be based on examining the language used in campaign. The example of jargon can also be represented in a body of the paper to prove the main thesis. It is also important to mention the source from which the statement was taken. It will help to be objective and prove that this or that saying is accurate and not simply taken out of context. It is also important to explain the wording used in a paper and to show how it manipulates electors. At the end this analysis will help to defend the main idea of writer and prove his point of view.

The final stage of writing is conclusion. It must point out the main findings indicated in the process of research and analysis.

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