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Tim realized that he had a problem with alcohol when he experienced the following negative consequences: intended consumption of large amounts of alcohol, craving for more alcohol and inability to cut down, preoccupation with alcohol, and continuous consumption of alcohol despite the bad outcomes (Correale, 2007). From Tim’s interview, he thinks that alcohol use does not interfere with his academic progress or relationship problems. Although he admits to having never driven drunk, in one instance, he has been detained legally because of substance abuse-related problems.

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Tim’s Alcohol Addiction

When Tim was allowed to become independent and have control over his life, he began drinking. This lack of control over alcohol use perpetuated Tim’s pattern of addiction. Relatives wanted him to drink safely and not let alcohol interfere with his education. Though his grandparent was addicted to alcohol, Tim never thought that he would develop alcohol dependence.

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After having noticed that he had a problem with alcohol use, Tim collected information about his addiction and kept a drinking log which he noted. He also took the Drinking Norms and Alcohols Perceived Risks Assessment which provided him with wider assessment information on substance use. His answers provided him with areas or topics for education and discussion on substance harm. The court sessions also provided him with support and education on the effects of alcohol. This prevented him from developing full-blown alcoholism.

Although Tim is considered to have moderate alcohol dependence, complete alcohol abstinence would be a more suitable treatment for him. Tim’s drinking was considered to be higher in comparison to his age; to prevent future addiction, it would be more appropriate for him to stop drinking at all.

The use of the Drinking Norms Rating and Alcohol Perceived Risks Assessment Form (Dimeff, 1999) would be useful for someone with alcohol abuse. Also, the use of the Internet, journals, articles, and books on the effects of alcohol use would be of great importance.

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