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Sociology deals with the behavior of human beings in political, religious, economic and social activities that affect individuals. Sociology tries to understand human beings in a related setting. It tends to explain about the laws that govern human behavior in a social context. It looks at the relationship of individuals in a setting. Since work and social activities are intertwined it is necessary to ensure that work becomes a source of positive psyche (Bruce, 1999).,

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Sociology is a key player in the field of work. Sociology helps figure out the best conditions that suit in a working environment. Employees are able to communicate with their employers based on the rules and regulations. Sociology explains the aspect which leads to the behavior of individuals. Sociology is crucial in a work set up as it leads to a better relationship. Employers should learn the theory of motivation. This aspect gives the employees a driving force that helps them achieve what is required. Motivation ensures that employees’ focus is enhanced to ensure results. Employers should consider the aspect of helping their employee at all time as this ensures better relationships and increased results.

Symbolic Interaction in Sociology

Symbolic interaction has an effect on sociology. It is stated that what unifies human is the use of symbols. Apart from the communications, symbols have been a part of humans. It also states that humans have been noted to be agents who succumb to adjustment and change. It also notes that it is not about individuals but what they do as a group. This is the interaction between them.

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Structural symbolism focuses on the positive aspects and negative aspects associated with social structures. Societal functionalism states the role of social studies in the society, the way they relate and the manner in which they affect the human. This functionalism explains that individuals have less effect to the functions of these structures. It states that it is not the individual but the changes that these structures have on individuals.

Sociology leads to the knowledge of acquiring the truth from individuals. Sociology is an aspect that helps businesses to determine genuine consumers. This science leads to the understanding of consumer behavior. Consumers are a vital part of work, so understanding sociology helps one not only be able to serve the customers appropriately and efficiently but also being able to solve the consumers constant arising issues so as to deliver the best service to the consumer. This includes understanding why they choose a product as compared to the other. This study helps alienate all dishonest practices in the working sector. It facilitates better treatment of employees.

Sociology helps in the understanding of why some practices like discrimination and harassment are outlawed. It explains factors that should be considered illegal and which can demoralize employees. Sociologists’ helps in understanding which factors lead to these inhumane acts and helps to provide a solution to them. Better understanding of these factors helps solve all crises arising in the work place. It also goes ahead to explain how to curb these factors and avoid them. It is through sociology that all key participants are able to understand each other, and from doing, so all activities are run smoothly and effectively. Sociology helps create an atmosphere which encourages all participants to feel comfortable since it promotes interactions (Ogburn, & Nimkoff, 1964).


In conclusion, sociology helps us understand the factors that reduce the working rate of an employee. Sociologists try to explain the causes of these factors and the effects they have towards an employee. These factors also help us understand the effects they have in respect to work. Sociology helps to understand how to end these inhumane acts and avoid them harming the employee. Sociology urges that all employee be handled like other individuals and maintains that good working relationships favor the business. It urges that all individual in a work set up learn how to fight these acts without causing harm to those affected.

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