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Nov 8, 2017 in Sociology

Sociological Imagination and Feminism

Sociological imagination is the application of imaginative thought in answering and asking sociological questions. It is the understanding that social actions, actors and social context shape social outcomes. It can be defined as the thinking in the wider context. It is also the knowledge that certain things lead to certain outcomes. If individuals relate situations to actions and expected behavior, they are merely using sociological imagination. Sociological imagination not only involves existence of perspectives but also shifts of perspectives.

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Sociological Imagination and Study of Gender

Sociological imagination is important in the study of gender for various reasons. First, it enables us to connect personal problems to public issues (Bernick, 1991).This is possible since sociological imagination helps us understand the singular individual and focus on the period in which he or she has his quality and being. When we understand an individual’s inner self and external behavior, we are able to understand the periods in which they have lived. We can therefore sum up whatever what was going on in the world.

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Andersen’s discussion of women is oriented towards understanding feminism as a platform for women to have a perception that they are a formidable force that can gain useful results in society. Women, according to Andersen, should not look into the past but should rather focus on the present in order to use their womanly image more effectively. They should be free to choose the direction of their own lives independent of men’s control. From Andersen’s view therefore, feminism is a call for increased individual choices for women (Schiebinger, 2009).

The label feminist has become so controversial since feminism is often associated with liberal actions to make the society consider both genders as equal. Many people understand feminism as a way forward for ending discrimination of women. However, it is seen by some people as a way of taking power away from men. Anti-feminism crusaders are unhappy about the emphasis women issues are being given in society. The controversy therefore lies in the differences in understanding of the objectives feminist acts are set to achieve.

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