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What is Social Disorganization?

Social disorganization is the inability of community members to achieve shared values or to solve jointly experienced problems (Bursik, 1988). Social disorganization refers to the breakdown of social institutions like schools, policies, group networking, business, etc. in a society or a neighborhood and to the failure of the structure of values. The consequence is the loss of control over people and the development of social conflict.  Social disorganization is in connection with crime rates because people in disadvantaged neighborhoods take part in crime and delinquency. It is behavior that gives them wealth and power, which are not accessible in the legal way. In this case, we can see failure in social institutions. The Chicago School presented the theory of social disorganization with relation to ecological theories. According to this theory, the higher level of poverty is the higher crime rates are. This theory refers to crime and juvenile delinquency at the neighborhood level.

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How Does Social Disorganization Relate to Organized Crime and Its Evolution?

Social disorganization relates to organized crime. Individuals or a group of people take part in delinquency or crime because of poverty, bad family relations, ethnic diversity, bad neighborhood conditions and failure of social institutions. Thus, the creation of the group of criminals is inevitable. They will gain control of the area if the lack of support in a society is prevalent. It depends on individual characteristics (age, gender) whether a person will take part in illegal activities or not. Social disorganization leading to organized crime can also be the result of ignored rules in a society. If society is breaking down, individuals cannot cope with criminal groups. There is no organized crime in a society with strong family relations. The higher rate of crime and delinquency is in urban areas where people have a little to do. They do not have a job, so they create organized criminal groups. Society and social institutions must do everything to avoid the creation of criminal organizations. They should start from juvenile delinquency because this is the first step to the creation of different criminal groups in a society.

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How well does social disorganization meet the criteria for organized crime and its various relationships? Why? Explain your answer

The situation in a community influences on the existence of organized crime. Social disorganization in a society leads to the development of organized crime. Residential instability, economic status, relations between ethnic groups, family relations influence the existence of social disorganization. For example, rates of juvenile delinquency and crime will increase if rates of residential instability increase; rates of crime are higher in a society with lower economic status; crime is popular in a community with bad relations between ethnic groups; the link between social disorganization and crime finds itself in families where we can notice family disruption. If we find social disorganization in a society, this society is a perfect place for creation different criminal organizations. These criminal organizations are popular in bad economic areas. When in a certain area lives more inhabitants, we can find a higher rate of crime there. Moreover, crime rates are high in cities that have deterioration in social and familial areas, which links social disorganization to criminality (Lyman & Potter, 2007). The weak system of social relationships in a community relates to organized crime.

What is the Correlation of Corrupt Political Machines and Social Disorganization to the Development of Organized Crime?

Corrupt political machines have a connection with social disorganization. Social disorganization is popular in a community with weak social institutions. The disorganized society is a perfect place for organized crime groups and corrupt political machines.  Corrupt political machines are in a society with poor values and high rates of organized crime. If criminal organizations have a connection with political officials, they can have significant control over public resources and people who live in this society. Individuals set up organized crime groups and corrupt political machines to create wealth and power for themselves. To sum up, when there is the correlation of corrupt political machines and social disorganization, powerful influence will be evident in the achievements of political and economic profits.

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