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Same-Sex marriage or gay marriage refers to marriage between two people of the same sex. It can be either be marriage between a man and a man or a woman and a woman. The issue has been argued for and against by various individuals all over the world with different allegations and reasons. However, as much as some people may want it to be legalized gay marriage should be discouraged and banned completely.

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Same-Sex Marriage Should be Banned

One reason why same sex marriage should be banned is because people are simply not just contented and not at ease with the idea. It mainly stems from the fact the idea has been supported by the society for many years that permitting civil rights to certain groups may upset some or even majority. Same sex marriage also offends everything that religion represents or stands for (Bidstrup, 1). As much as many Christian denominations are unopposed to the idea, the bible is against gay marriage and therefore the practice violates it. It is well known that marriage is a holy and blessed institution therefore gay marriages go against that sacredness. The assumption that the state has the accountability to make sacred marriages which is a basically religious idea contributes a lot. People try to implement their religious policies on others’ and deteriorating the division of the state and church hence discouraging the Bill of rights. Gay marriage is not natural in the very name of sodomy decrees deceive a considerable unawareness of behavior in the animal realm. In actual fact, roughly among 1500 animal classes whose behavior has been broadly studied, the behavior has been explained in at least 450 of those species (Bidstrup, 1).

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According to Institute for marriage and public policy (3), same sex marriage should be banned because a man making love to another man betrays everything that is male or masculine. This is especially due to panic or fear of rape and losing control or masculine position. It is instinctual and goes to straight to the center of our being as primate. Homophobia has been said to be an instinctual panic of being raped by a person that the homophobe considers as a lower than him in status and the idea that a gay person might rape him is a fear of nature or sense. The case happen s in human beings just like it happens in other primates and it has been considered the cause of homosexual rape cases in jails. Prison rape is not an act of sex even if it is an allegation of supremacy and a way of control. Almost all men that rape their fellow men forcefully in prison scenery actually relapse to immoral heterosexual sex once they are on the exterior.

Another major reason why same sex marriage should be opposed is because it would weaken and undermine sodomy rules or laws. Most traditional religionists confidentially oppose same sex marriage in part because it would demoralize the lawful basis for sodomy rules which despite being thought illegal by the Supreme Court are still dreamed of individuals who would look for to legalizing favoritism against gays. This would be difficult to explain before a court permitting a couple to marry and then lawfully block them from sexual affairs (Heritage Foundation, “Marriage in the 50 States ,4).The act of same sex marriage would legitimize homosexuality as it is assumed that homosexuality is anything other than merely a usual difference of human growth. In actual sense, each mental health relationship has acknowledged that homosexuality is a completely usual variation on how humans develop. Scientists also have reasons why it has developed and why it is not chosen against evolutionary pressure as it is not distorted and neither does it humiliate human culture nor is it a threat to humanity in any manner.

The opposition to the act ultimately strengthens from a deep-rooted homophobia in the society’s culture borne almost completely out of religious prejudice. While individuals do not recognize that homophobia exists to the degree that it does, it is a very actual part of each homosexual’s life. It exists, it is persistent and it has far more severe costs for the society than most individuals understand and it is not only for homosexuals but for the society as a whole. The idea of gay sex should be completely banned because it is so disgusting. Many heterosexuals will be astonished to discover that to most gays, the thought of heterosexual sex is disgusting. In addition, if the same sex marriage couples are not opposed they might take on. The center reason of the fear is the outcome of the fact that most powerful and even aggressive homophobes are themselves suppressed sexually frequently with the same sex desirability. Another reason is that in most cases, marriage is for procreation or reproduction and gay marriage does not give room for that (Bidstrup, 3). Same sex marriage couples are not the most favorable surrounding in which to raise children as it is immoral and disobeys the holy marriage establishment. Marriage is also an establishment between one man and one woman therefore same sex marriage should not be encouraged.

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