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Nov 8, 2017 in Sociology

Professional Language

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The unification between finance and insurance thus creating a finance insurance field within a large organization can be defined as professional. The tone associated with this field is that of clear and understandable within the reach of knowledge and education. In the field of finance insurance, one can be able to obtain the language of clarity and understanding through obtaining knowledge through understanding basic finance and insurance terminologies (Eduard, 2008).

Finance Insurance Terminologies

It is very evident that the language involved in the finance insurance terminologies are normally common but it is not likely that you will hear one using this terms within a simple conversation. When conversing with other individuals on matters regarding finance or insurance, the language involved is basically the often words we tend to hear. For instance an individual in finance insurance will constantly use the word casualty to refer to loss or liabilities that result to unintentional activity.

Schertzinger (2009) points out that it is very important to use acronyms when explaining to an individual on what is entailed in finance insurance. For instance by the use of the acronym COLA to refer to Cost-of-Living Adjustment, this way of using makes it easier to remember those words that contain long words. Through knowing what an acronym stands for and what representation they hold are considered as two different concepts. For example a new recruited individual may know there is a department called IRIS but it is not necessary that she or he know what it means.

In the finance insurance profession, it is so obvious there is more written language as compared to spoken language.  Documentation is very important especially when it comes to handling of activities involving cash and when payments are being made by the insurance in the case of losses. Documentation can be in terms of emails which are not to be soft copies and paper work which is considered to be hard copies (Eduard, 2008).  

Although recently technology has improved, it is evident that within the field of finance insurance paper work has been seen as the kind of written communication whereby is secured for future reference. Emails are considered as the most common form of written communication to respond to information both internally and externally within the finance insurance industry (Schertzinger, 2009).  The features used within the emails depend highly on the individual conveying the information. When an individual in the finance insurance field takes the initiative of emailing all team members the tone within this task is considered to be profession and unifying among team members.

From the above report, it is very clear to state that the profession within the field of finance insurance is essential in the shaping up of culture and language that revolve around this field. As it has been described by our interviewers’ people working within the field of insurance are expected to be all rounded people since it is obvious that in their line of duty they are likely to meet various individuals. Through our constant discussion, communication forms an integral part in shaping up the success of the finance insurance therefore it is very important that a company is able to build up on their communication protocol within its team members. Due to improved technology, email and reports should be completed on daily terms so as to establish a tone that describes professionalism. Finally, it is very essential that the field of financial insurance to be conscious of the several differences that are linked to culture and language. It is evident the knowledge of a second language has enabled most companies and industries to work at international level.

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