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Background, Purpose and Focus

First of all, it is important to rely to the background of bullying. It is using of coercion or force for intimidating or abusing other people. Such behavior may include the verbal threat or harassment in relation to the particular victims. Among the teenagers such behavior is common ad that is why the core purpose of the social change is prevention of the negative behavior demonstration. Bullying may have the following negative effects for the teenagers: suicide and violation. That is why the core focus o the social change would be directed for the bullying victims’ suicide quantity minimization. Also, such social change may allow the reduction of skipping classes and, consequently improve the quality of education.

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Target Audiences

The target audiences of the particular social change analyzed in this essay are teenagers age from 13-15 and also their educators and parents. For the teenagers, the program, directed for their social rehabilitation would be developed and for the educators and parents- the effective approach towards the bullying prevention would be created and implemented into the practice.

Behavior Objective

First of all, it is important to present the background of the social change- the bullying prevention. The core purpose of behavior changes implies the creation of the climate, which does not tolerate unwanted behavior, which is bullying. The core tools, which may be applied for achievement of this purpose, are changing the teachers’, parents’, other adults’ attitudes towards the behavior of children. If there is a negative reaction from the mass towards a particular action, which implies or is related to bullying, the probability of its minimization occurs. It is possible to state a fact that the social change itself may be defined as the complex of multiple change agents’ efforts. It is considered that the large-scale and permanent behavior change may be achieved most effectively through changing the community norms.

That is why the social marketing uses the following marketing principles- influencing the human behavior for the social benefit improvement.

Barriers, Benefits, Competition

It is a complicated task to motivate the bullies to stop their abusive behavior and actions. There are different reasons for such behavior and psychological disorders in particular. That is why it is essential to develop the individual approach towards each teenager, whose behavior is abusive and to analyze the core background and problems, which cause it. The benefits of the individual approach are reflected in its efficiency. While taking in account the nature of the problem, it is obvious that the only competition is the social attitude towards the particular individual and ones’ own beliefs and values in life. In addition the abusive educational/pedagogical style at home (as well as in the educational establishment) may be considered both as the barrier to the social change program effective practical implementation and as the competition/counterpoise to it.

Positioning Statement

The core essence of the program implies the bullying stopping among the teens and minimizing the core reasons of their destructive behavior.

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The Plan

It is rational to consider the marketing plan of the social in accordance with 4 Ps of marketing mix.

It is obvious that the core purpose of social change implies meeting and satisfying the needs of target audience. For meeting these requirements and needs, it is rational to coordinate and to integrate the set of its advantages in such a manner that they would reflect their characteristics (Hill, 2007).

Pricing: it is clear that it is a complicated to determine the price of the social change. In addition, the price of social change implies the trial-and-error approach towards the decision-making. It is mainly determined by the values of the target audience and by their understanding of these values (Ohmae, 1999).

Product: The product mix is a tool used to determine and evaluate the particular product and service`s features. The core requirement for the product is to meet the needs of the teenagers between 13 and 15 years old. The set of the intangible elements of a particular service is included into these characteristics – such as psychological features. Among them are the following the most important is the image improvement and meeting the core needs of the teenagers, who are vulnerable segment of population (McCarthy, 1975).

Promotion: The core aim of advertising implies promotion of the socially important information and practical implementation of the effective persuasive appeals, which are mainly directed at attracting the target audience. In the majority of cases, all types of marketing communications are covered with the promotional aspect of the marketing mix. The most commonly applied strategies are print and electronic informational advertising, including cinema, TV, radio, online, etc (which are popularized both among the teenagers and their educators). The effective marketing communications’ tool is the ability of development and practical implementation of the advertising campaign, which applies several of the existing methods and leads to effective achievement of the expected results (stopping the abusive behavior among teens and minimizing the reasons of such behavior).

Place: is an integral part of marketing mix. In the case of social change it involves management and coordination of the set of the processes, involved in the procedure of delivering particular services to the end consumer (Gary, 1979)

There are two types of factors, which affect social marketing. The first one is the external environment of opportunities and threats to the practical implementation of particular activity. The other one is the activity itself can be controlled through the decision-making. Factors can be controlled by the service provider may be summarized in the following four areas:

Service Strategy

Product (service) strategy, including service development, service planning, service design, delivery and decision-making. This also includes factors like service features, quality, way of presentation etc.

Price Strategy

Pricing strategy is used to determine the pricing objectives, to develop the contents of the service price of the principles and techniques.

Promotional Strategy

The promotional strategy is mainly oriented on studying how to promote customers to use the service in order to achieve the initially stated strategy. Factors include advertising, publicity, promotion, public relations, and so on.

Distribution Strategy

Distribution strategy is developed for making the services to reach the target audience successfully. Factors, including distribution channels, regional distribution, and intermediary’s type are in the distribution strategy.

These four aspects of strategy combined are referred to as the marketing mix strategy. The basic idea of the marketing mix strategy is the development of the product (in this case a product is the service) strategy, establishment of pricing, promotion and distribution channel strategies, and a combination of strategies in general. This is done in order to achieve the right goods, right price, and right promotional products to the suitable locations for the purpose. Social change success or failure depends largely on the combination of strategy choices and their integrated use of effects.


The qualitative approach would be applied for the results evaluation – surveying the educators, parents and participants of the program concerning its outcomes. Three different types of surveys should be developed- for parents – concerning the behavioral changes, for educators- the social aspect of behavior (at school in particular) and for the participants the way their life has changed after they participated in the social change (rehabilitation) program- for instance- whether they have got new friends, how their life interests have changed etc.

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