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Homelessness is a situation where people lack normal life of living in homes and this is a situation evident in a wide range of countries. One of the most significant causes attributed to homelessness is a breakdown in the family or a tragedy such as imprisonment, orphanage, natural disasters or even war (Dalton & Wiseman, 1996).  It is also caused by less competence on social dimensions of life or a disability leading to a failure of providing welfare help. The government has a duty of addressing the issues of homelessness

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  • Homelessness has become a problem of great significance on an international scale. It is closely related to social work, the responses of social work as well as social policy.
  • People play a pivotal role in the majority of the dominant discourses that are evident leading to the practicing of social work in consideration of unequal relations of power that is embedded in the contexts of the organizations.

Conflict Theory in Social Problems of Homelessness

In the view of conflict theorists, the society should exist in an objective as well as hierarchical manner. According to the perspective of this nature, all people must be subordinate in as far as the society is concerned. Social order in the society is based on power in addition to coercion with the implication that the best approach of change in as far as the society is concerned is by means of application of power struggle that is usually associated with a great magnitude of competition (Blasi, 1990).

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There is an extreme importance attached to the social class is it is the basis of the definition of an individual in the context of power pyramid. As a result of the limitation of the resources in the context of the society, there is a continuous competition among the people. The approach of the conflict theorists to homelessness is similar to the approach of a master to his slaves (Drake, 2001).  Their perception of the homeless people is their weakness of climbing a social ladder in an attempt of achieving a social status of an elevated level. Their perceptions is that one of jungle kings due to their exposure to power with regard to political, social as well as economic resources (Dluhy, 1990).

Hypothesis of the Social Problem Consistent with Conflict Theory

  • The representation of homelessness is an important social problem that is related to the characteristics of the individual in addition to the responsibilities.
  • A variety of the people’s voices who are victims of homelessness in addition to the impact attributed to contemporary discourse in as far as individualism is concerned on the individuals affected by homelessness requires additional exploration
  • Here is a need for the international policy as well as the practices to respond to the issue of homelessness as they examine the possibility of further research (De Goede, 1996).

The methods that were applicable in the study were intended at examining the manner in which the public discourse, the social-political as well as the contexts of the organization impacts the social practice of work in as far as homelessness is concerned.

  1. The construct of homelessness as well as the social work were the issues of importance in as far as the social policy is concerned.
  2. The dominant representation in addition to the constructions with regard to homeas well as the social work influences the social policy as well as the provision of work service with regard to the homeless.
  3. The methodology to be used will be of mainly description of qualitative and quantitative values.
  4. When this data is taken, then the work will be to make good attempt to examine the social problem of homelessness.
  5. The outcome of this research will be presented in the form of a report which will include all the major sections of the report and recommendations will be provided which will be of good help in examining the social problem of homelessness.

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