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The professional culture and language of field workers in finance insurance is a report involving individuals working in finance insurance widely focusing on the tone and environment to which they work upon. The field associated to finance insurance is one that assists an institution against the risks of loss when it’s carrying out its activities. It is very evident that there are various attitudes and perspectives that enhance the shaping of finance insurance into certain patterns. The finance insurance profession has been associated to that profession that requires one to be a jack of all trade in the provision of its services. In this report we have interviewed two managers that is Nick Yu who is a manager of Sunlife Insurance and Ms Zou who is the manager of East Asia Bank so as to obtain concrete communication and language found in the field of finance and that of finance.

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It is very evident that they have been occurrences of risks affecting many organizations; this factor has been considered to broaden the constantly changing language and culture of finance insurance. Depending on the kind of risk happening at a particular time, the culture language and responsibility change day in day out. From the definition of finance insurance, that is business arrangement which assist businessmen in engaging in transactions that may lead them in obtaining losses, it is evident any business or corporation requires a finance insurance department that will raise an alarm should there be any kind of risk within the corporation (Simon, 2002).

The Professional Culture and Language

According to Laster (2001), it has been noted that many companies have come realize that the insurance and finance field work hand in hand with each other. It is very essential that an insurance field worker to obtain knowledge on finance and similarly, it is important that a finance field worker to have knowledge on insurance, in so doing the companies will also be guaranteed a secure future free from risks and losses. Both finance and insurance background are constantly required in the management of companies and businesses.

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Simon (2002), being a field that requires the establishment of new ideas, finance insurance generally requires a lot of effective communication among its workers. It is important that members in the two departments that is finance and insurance to have continuous communication amongst themselves so as to advice on current risks that are likely to affect businesses and corporations. For instance, when the insurance department wants to limit maximum losses to occur it is very essential that it communicates with the finance department so as it can be able to advice this department on how it is going to evade a loss and to how it will carefully handle its finances.

Communication has been considered to form the fundamental factor toward the success of all corporations and businesses. Finance professionals communicate on daily basis so as to provide information to the insurance professional so as to convey information on cash flows that have been witnessed within the company. It is very crucial that both the insurance, finance and all departments within this organization are reading from the same page on matters regarding finances and risks involved.

With the increase concepts issued on the female and male gender which has greatly influenced the perception, it is very important that for a company to achieve its optimal goal there should on negative issues associated to the employees in this field. The field of finance and insurance contains a broad spectrum where everyone regardless of his sex has an opportunity to work in. it is important that field of finance insurance is open, friendly and result driven due to the efforts exerted by all its workers regardless of the kind of gender they are in (Simon, 2002).

A company is termed as successful when it is has been able to mentor and nature new professional. In the finance insurance, due to the daily activity revolving around finances it is very important that the field is able to establish new individual within the field through constant training. It is evident from the historical background of rapid changes within the field, the mentoring of new professional within the field is highly required, and in return these individuals are expected to display their whole self within the workplace so as to achieve through effective training (Zou, 2010).

It is very evident that the field of finance and insurance is supposed to have a clear definition on what is in its goal and purpose in the building up of the society. Every individual should be brought up to understand the various stipulated goals within the organization so as to achieve of what is required from them. In terms of finances there are certain goals that are drawn so as to cover the cash that is either flowing in or out of the company (Yu, 2010) . In order for employees to achieve the stipulated goals, it is important that organizations come up with ideas that will ensure that they will be rewarded so that they can focus on improving on the kind of work they do perform.

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