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The termination of the life of a fertilized egg or an unborn child is overly legal in the United States of America. This decision has been standing from the end of the Rue versus Wade case. Jacqui Bailey (2011) suggests that with this ammunition in the hands of women and other pro-abortion enthusiasts, abortion is seen as a commonplace practice that is much dependent on the executor. Are there costs that come along with the practice of abortion? Are there parties that lose and are there parties that gain? With the continuous rage of debates between the pro-life and pro-abortionists, this topic is better fully explored to outline its morality. With such knowledge, the public will have a better base to decide whether abortion is for societal good or destruction. Abortion is a societal, conceived evil that should not be accepted at all costs.

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The legality of Abortion Opinion Essay Example

Michele C. Moore, and Caroline M. De Costa (2007) report that abortion has taken a similar argument used by people during the old days of slavery. People then considered the slave non-human and hence not able to live on his own. The master treated the slave as his property, and this gave the master all the power to decide on what he would do with the slave. The range of possible actions included overworking the slave and even leaving him to starve for a couple of days. Those supporting abortions use the same trend because they consider that the unborn baby is the property of the mother. Moore and Costa (2007) report that pro-abortionists consider unborn babies as a different organism from human beings. The argument asking abortionists to be human, demands that abortionists consider that the unborn babies are only younger forms of human beings, and deserve the right to life just like any other being.

Jacqui Bailey (2011) indicates that abortion is hinged on an argument that it is the free will of the executing mother. Pro-abortionists go ahead to argue that the mother uses her freedom for controlling her body and ensuring the best form of good for it. According to Jacqui Bailey (2011), this is not progressive thinking because pregnancy is also a result of a choice that the affected mother took. With this in mind, it is then unreasonable to state that the pregnancy is unwanted. To add salt to the injury, irresponsible women who have lost control of their sexual desires, avoid accepted use of contraception and advocate for the murdering of unborn babies as a way to alleviate their pregnancies. This is not acceptable hence abortion should not be legalized at all costs.

The cost that accompanies an act of abortion according to Moore and Costa (2007) is not only unnecessary but also a waste of the taxpayer’s money. The medical fraternity loses a lot of man-hours and also resources that could be channeled to other sectors of development. According to Michael Camasso (2007), the government in accepting to legalize abortion not only betrays its pro-life citizens but also spends their taxes on unacceptable ventures. Not all abortions are successful. Most of the mothers involved die in the process. If they do not die, these mothers get affected by consequent miscarriages and other reproductive health-related infections. In terms of capacity building and future planning, Tom Giglio(2001) reports that abortion is denying the country the capability of growth it would achieve if abortive mothers allowed the children to grow. The money the government spends on abortion also does a substantial subtraction of finances from the exchequer.

Legalizing abortion gives a cocked gun to a trigger-happy criminal. Moore and Costa (2007) report that the legalization of abortion does not help reduce the cases of criminal abortion, but fuels new mothers into taking part in what they once thought evil. Ebbie C. Smith. (2009) indicates that the government gives abortionists the license to move their trade from the dark tunnels into the full light of day. Ebbie C. Smith. (2009) reports that the reason behind this is the decriminalizing effect of abortion. Abortionists act without any fear that the state will institute legal action against them. The sure part of abortion remains that some mothers involved will die in the process and the babies will all perish. The reason that something is legal does not purge it from its intrinsic immoral nature.

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Does abortion have any other health side effects? The rise in the cases of various types of cancer points out that abortion has a substantial role in the background. Moore and Costa (2007) strongly indicate that abortive mothers increase the risk of breast cancer tremendously when they decide to forfeit the right of their unborn first children through aborting. This is a result of the hormonal combination that accompanies the first pregnancy. Moore and Costa (2007)cite that the hormonal increase renders the woman much more susceptible to cancerous elements, due to the logical preparation of mammalian glands for the unborn child. The full maturity of the pregnancy counteracts this condition of breast cancer susceptibility. When mothers abort, the subdivision of mammalian cells stops, leading to a great risk for the mother of breast cancer. These are cases reported in countries like Brazil, Italy, and Finland where abortion is legal to a great extent.

George Dennis O’Brien (2010) contributes that abortion has a bigger contribution to the current state of criminal affairs. The idea behind abortion is that a child can be killed when they are unborn. This thinking does not stop when mothers give birth to other children. Children are more susceptible to harm after birth because of the additional costs that come to the family. Mothers remain with a violent nature in handling things and this results in numerous cases of child abuse. With this initial trend matters, the children react by being violent hence a violent society. Michael Camasso (2007) reports that research done on 600 children, by the University of California, shows that over 85% of these abused children came from families that previously had an occurrence of abortion. Abortion is a recipe for a crime-filled nation. The cost that accompanies such a state is not bearable with the current state of the economy.

Why are pro-abortionists arguing for control of the population? Overpopulation is not a firm basis for ascending to the practice of abortion. The resultant argument is that the cause of poverty and other societal ills is overpopulation. In disputing population control, Ann Farmer(2008) argues that abortion is the crudest mode of executing population control measures. The reasons behind the current food scarcity issues and unemployment include poor governance and political policies. War has invaded the food production sector leading to frequent food shortages. States lose manpower in the course of the war and land destruction leads to a hopeless state of affairs. Ann Farmer (2008) states that pro-abortionists need to find a better intellectual argument other than overpopulation.

Adoption has taken root in the recent past to cater to the needs of families that do not have children or who feel they should support. From where have these unwanted children come? Pro-abortionists have argued that mothers only abort unwanted children. According to Ann Farmer(2008), this argument does not tally with the current state of affairs in departments dealing with a legal adoption. Almost all American families are pushing for the adoption of children. This proves how irrational it is for a mother to decide to get pregnant only to terminate the life as the result of the decision initially made. In Ann Farmer’s (2008) opinion mothers contemplating abortion should be taught about the available methods of contraception, and if they cannot go along with that, they should abstain.

The number of women affected psychologically is increasing with time. This is a result of the women’s action that is contrary to their nature and belief. Killing is a societal wrong. Michael Camasso (2007) reports that mothers have fallen into trances of depression upon reflecting on previous abortive actions. This sequentially has led to disorders in their eating modes and their levels of anxiety. With this state of affairs, most women become ill, and others committed suicide. This denies the state the labor force the woman would have offered together with broken family relationships.

George Dennis O’Brien (2010) asks if pro-abortionists have taken a second to think of where they would be if their mothers thought twice about giving birth to them? The story would be different. Most mothers who have aborted would not have done that if their mothers consulted a counselor. Being a matter of scientific fact Moore and Costa (2007) report that life begins once conception is successful, and then the mother should treat it cautiously. Laws of science have not entertained challenges for the whole time human beings have lived. The start of life will not also stand to the inferior challenge of a man just like the law of gravity and the law of floatation. Abortion will not stand the test of time because it is a decided effort against science.


In conclusion, abortion legalization is a result of societal misinformation and should be repelled. The cost-benefit analysis stands to depict that the costs are exorbitant. The future effects are also frightening hence society should avoid the whole idea of abortion. The continued support from the government and other authorities towards abortion will only taint the image of the government as a betrayer of loyal taxpayers thereby resulting in anarchy. The government should act with haste, just like in the case of slavery to abolish and call all stakeholders to order. Abortion should not be legal.


The proposition that the life of a human being begins at birth does not hold because scientists have proved that the heartbeat has been felt less than six weeks after conception. Others may think that a fetus cannot be independent of the mother. Laboratory experiments have proved that after 22 weeks an unborn child can survive out of the mother’s womb on support systems. A common pro-abortionist argument is that the mother has freedom of use for her body. This is misleading because most abortions have a chance of resulting in death. Therefore, involvement in it is an attempt at the safety of her own life.

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