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The classes of philosophy that I had to attend during the recent time have impacted my views at the world much and have changed me a lot, as I have found correlations and explanations of things among the studies of great researches. In the following paper, I would first discuss how the philosophy and theory of Sigmund Freud did have influence on the study of personality. The next section would be based on a reaction to the stressful situation.

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Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud was an influential thinker, philosopher and a father of psychoanalysis back in early twentieth century, but he still has a title of being ‘one of the greatest’. Mind is seen in his theory as a complex energy system, which has a certain physiological province of the structural investigation. He introduced the new understanding of psychological development of humans, as the concepts of unconscious, repression and infantile sexuality were refined and articulated by Sigmund Freud.

I would like to mention that my initial impression of Sigmund Freud was that he was a very strong man, by studying whose works I would become wiser and get more understanding of unknown things. The matter of particular interest to me was his latter work related to discovery of Id, ego and super-ego. The knowledge of that was like a confirmation of that the super-ego is physiological components that might be used if the morally right things are sometimes not perceived by humans like that in a particular situations. Another important works are related to “The Unconsciousness”, which is the result of repression of the ideas. However, I would say that I find contradicting the theory of psychosexual development, according to which the human being is born with the need of incest, but the desire is repressed by the personality later. I, personally thing that Freud did not study this phenomenon much and based only psychoneuroses that resulted from the childhood abuse, made such conclusions.

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Although stress is not useful and unnecessary part of life, it is inevitable. Being stressed causes many challenged for me, as I need to deal with that, the consequences and still be in sound mind while solving some serious problems. In the following paper, I would like to mention two types of stresses I have experiences recently. One is related to the fact that I am stressed every time I am late and then I just rush. I think that during such episodes I experience an episodic acute stress. This is related to chaos and disorder that are sometimes present in my life. I have ‘lots of nervous energy’ that does make me aroused, irritable, tense and anxious. Other type of stress I face once I have to tell a speech to which I am perfectly ready in front of a class or other group of people. This is the most common type of stress and called ‘acute stress’. The mentioned types of stresses are short term and they do not cause much of psychological damage (Miller, Smith, 2014).


Moreover, I want to fully agree with the statements of the Greek Stoic philosopher, Epictetus, who mentioned that humans are stressed not by particular things but by how they view those things. However, the majority of the philosophers could not reach consensus on the common definition of stress, but they all agree that it has a reaction of the human organism, which might result as unusual emotional, psychological or physical response. Still, it is an integral part of normal mental health and natural well-being. Every individual has a different response to stress that is formulated on a cognitive level. Personally I think I have a resilience, which helps me to deal with the stress and the consequence of it easier than some other individuals do.

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