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Nov 8, 2017 in Opinion

Letters Regarding Luke’s Gospel

More greetings from Antioch, am well still continuing with my studies where am studying philosophy, things here have been challenging with the introduction of the new religion, and Roman doctrine is the religion we believe in, which has been hugely contradicting with the new doctrine of Jesus Christ. Under this doctrine, the coming of Messiah has turned everything upside down because it emphasizes that this Gospel is not limited to the Jewish doctrine. This doctrine shows that Christ came to bring hope and salvation to all races of the world including Gentiles. In Luke 8:19-21, Jesus' mother and brothers went to see Him, He told the crowd his parents and brothers are those who commit themselves to listen and to obey the word He was teaching them. Luke 19; 1-10, Jesus visited the house of Zacchaeus the tax collector. Jesus told them that, "salvation has come to this place for He came to bring salvation to the lost," following this I have believed in Him, and I would like to request my mum to follow Him to be His savior. I am dedicating my life to spread this Gospel despite the opposition we are facing from Jewish leaders.

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To My Brother

Receive my Calvary greetings. As the family was strongly based on Christianity, the parents have been trying hard to train us about the Good News of Jesus. They have been buying Christian literatures for us like magazines and Bible. They introduced us to the church where we have heard about Jesus Christ, they further ensured that we hear and watch Christian music and sermons. Following this I have decided to give my life to preach Good News of the kingdom of God to all races of the earth. In Luke 9 and 10 Jesus urged His disciple to go and spread Good News of the kingdom of God. In Luke 11: 35 Jesus told his disciples to be clothed ready for service and let your lamps light always. I have chosen to serve Him in all situations.

To My Favorite Teacher

Following the current evils and immorality in the society, am writing this letter to you requesting you to take heed and allow God to reign over your life. Luke 13:1-9 Jesus showed that every person needs to repent and follow Him; otherwise if we fail to do so we will perish. In Luke 21: 5-38 Jesus taught about the last days where He told His disciples to be careful. My prayer is that you may be careful too before the end times come.

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In composing these letters, I put in consideration the fact that in the 1st century, the Gospel of Messiah was at the initial stage where only few people had information about Him. There was also strong opposition from different leaders especially Jews, there was insufficient information, and this hindered people to access the information.

In 21st Century, the spread of the Gospel is easy to access the information which include from media, printed materials like magazines, Internet and also taught at schools. Also in 21st Century, we grow up under strong influence from parents who teach us and introduce us to churches when we are still young, also the way to spread the Gospel is easier. Here, are some of the differences and similarities.

During the 1st century, the Gospel of Jesus Christ was at the initial stage unlike the next letter which was written at maturity stage. During 1st Century only few people who were extremely close to Jesus who had information about the Messiah, but in 21st Century, many people have information about Christ which makes it easy to preach.

From Luke 9: 1-9, when Jesus sent out twelve disciples to proclaim the Good News He told them not to take something with them, no staff, bag, food, money or any extra tunic. This is hugely different with the way Gospel preached today. We see people carrying many valuable things with them as they move to preach the Gospel.

In 1st century, disciples used to move in different places preaching the Gospel that is from house to house, village to village, town to town. This is different from 21st century where the mobility is minimal due to increase the number of Christians in different parts of the world.

In 1788, Gibbon listed five reasons which show similarities between the mentioned periods which are; zeal of the Christians, future life belief, extraordinary miracle miracles demonstrated by Christian, Christian morality and Christian unity. This can be seen in Luke 10: 1-24. Where Jesus told disciples to go and preach the Good News, they preached with fervent zeal, united and performing extraordinary miracles. This is also demonstrated in 21st Century.

The doctrine of love is also emphasized. According to Wright (2009) he emphasized on brotherly love proved the strong relationship which exist between the members of the church. This is readily seen in Luke 22: 7 where Jesus sat with His disciples for the last supper. Christian demonstrates love by fellowships together.

The Gospel of Christ is also emphasized in both. The coming of Messiah as the savior of mankind is the backbone of Luke’s Gospel. He emphasized the birth, the crucifixion, the death, the resurrection and the ascension of Jesus Christ. Similarly, this forms the foundation of the church today; the foundation of the church is mainly under Apostles’ Creed which they recite every moment.

Following the above, we see from both periods the main theme of the Gospel is to proclaim the coming of Messiah as the savior of mankind. Despite the difficulties such as opposition, there is a continuation of Gospel in all races of the world.

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