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Barack Obama stepped on the main political scene of the USA, when it desperately needed a leader, who could change something. Americans were sick and tired of wars and crises, and he was eager to promote peace and help the country in its economic recovery. The first African-American president, young and bold, great public speaker and enthusiast, Barack Obama attracted attention of millions and won the elections. What was his key to success on the way to gaining the highest position in the country? What were Obama’s achievements and failures during his presidency? Has he any possibility to win in the 2012 elections and why? In this paper we will answer these questions, provide a more or less detailed picture of Barack Obama’s presidency and attempt to analyze his mistakes and chances of re-election for the second term.

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Preconditions of Barack Obama’s Election on the President’s Post

At the time, when the USA economy was experiencing one of its worse times, people were not satisfied with continuing wars held by the government abroad, Democratic candidate Barack Obama appeared to be a savior. This forward thinking former Harvard student-lawyer and senator that had both White and Black roots, happened to appear in the right place and in the right time. In his election program he clearly stated that he was against the war in Iraq and had an effective plan that will help to restore American power in the world. After beating his rival, the Republican candidate John McCain and receiving almost 53 percent of votes, he was elected the president of the USA in 2009.

Obama’s victory was seen as a triumph over American history of racial prejudice. It proclaimed the beginning of post-racial society in America. Barack Obama’s election entailed the restoration of hope among Black men and women everywhere. His logo – a rising sun – had also deep symbolism: it evoked a feeling of long lost hope. In the debates that were taking place across the country Barack Obama had shown himself as a young and charismatic, good public speaker. Bill Clinton, the former US president himself, in the course of election campaign explained why people should vote for this candidate. He was convinced, that Barack Obama had the right policy that mattered what people think, better economic, education, energy plans of development.

According to Clinton, Obama was also a better decision-maker and a decider-in-chief, who wants and can understand what people need. And he was absolutely right in saying that Barack Obama will win the elections. As a matter of fact, he received most of African-American votes and more than a half of Latino, youth and new votes. With his proposals of middle class tax cuts, promotion of unemployment benefits and change in infrastructure, educational and healthcare sectors, he was a very attractive candidate to be chosen.

First 100 Days of Presidency

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Barack Obama clearly understood that the time had come for the American citizens to pay the price – he knew that the day of reckoning was not far off. That is why he addressed the governmental officials with the proposal to make sacrifices and make efforts to overcome the crisis. He said that his first one hundred days in the office will be important, but in order to change the situation sufficiently, much more time is needed. One of his first decisions was the passage of economy’s recovery plan. Medicine was another sphere of priority for Obama. Therefore, the president expended healthcare for children and raised the tobacco tax in this way trying to decrease the quantity of smokers. He was also supportive of much-talked- about embryonic stem cell research, seeing it as an opportunity to help in saving millions of people’s lives. Barack Obama shut down Guantanamo Bay detention camp considering its existence an insult to human rights and dignity.

Assuming that energy independence is one of the topical issues for the country, the president passed memorandums connected to the increase of fuel efficiency. One of the most important innovations Barack Obama was responsible for was establishment of the online question-and-answer session with the president and the first in the USA’s history blog. It created a possibility for every American citizen to express opinions concerning the rightness or wrongness of any governmental decisions in an easy and comfortable way. Barack Obama was also responsible for creation of the new highway projects and implementation of changes into the automobile industry that were to help its recovery. Another important decision was connected to the education system. Barack Obama was an initiator of establishment of tax credit for children from poor families that was to offset the cost of tuition.

While realizing that protection of the environment is one of the crucial issues for the mankind, he decided to pass a new law on wilderness protection. Barack Obama was active in visiting foreign countries. During his visit to Turkey, he aimed at assisting peaceful negotiations between Israeli and Palestine. Obama also organized financial help for Pakistan to assist Islamic terrorism fighting in the region. One of the most crucial statements belonging to the president was connected to the fact that America was not at war with Islam. The overall Obama’s primary activity during the first 100 days of the presidency had a positive effect on the USA’s image in the world. Due to the president’s innovative policy it changed for the better, especially in the Middle East.

Barack Obama’s Accomplishments During His Presidency

First and foremost Barack Obama’s accomplishment on the president’s post was change of the USA’s image in the world and especially in the Middle East countries. The country’s “popularity”, so to say, was low after the Iraq invasion and the whole “war on terrorism” thing. The matter is, in the Muslim world the war that was commenced after the events of 9/11 was targeted not against the terrorism, as a threat to the whole humanity, but for the benefit of the few. With Barack Obama sitting in the president’s chair, the situation was reversed. This was not the only his accomplishment in this sphere. The president also commanded to withdraw troops from Iraq and ended the policy that kept soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan longer than it was needed.

Another thing was the promotion of transparency and openness he was responsible for. Barack Obama not only demanded give the average Americans full information about war casualties, but also about the return of the fallen soldiers. One of the important issues on president’s agenda was nuclear power and its dangerousness. He considered it to be necessary to stop the spreading of atomic arms and to promote their subsequent total elimination. One more important aspect of his foreign policy was standpoint that America is wrong separating itself from the whole world. Barack Obama viewed the USA’s in suspension of the policy that presupposes doing everything on its own. He saw people of African countries, as well as people of the countries from all over the world, as America’s partners. His most important aim was to stop suspicions and disagreements between the USA and the Middle East.

Consequences of climate change are inescapable in the nearest future. Therefore, the president decided to finance the program that offers to exchange inefficient and polluting old cars for the new cars. Another his implementation was the policy regulating greenhouse gases emissions, particularly emissions of carbon dioxide. Saving the environment was one of the primary issues on his agenda, and it was confirmed by his immediate response to floods in South Dakota.

Another important issue of immediate concern was medicine. Barack Obama worked upon elaboration of the better healthcare system. As a result, he achieved a relative success in the sphere. Barack Obama lowered the cost of drugs for seniors and improved conditions of military hospitals, created additional centers for veterans and expanded vaccination programs. He was also responsible for the ban on giving financial aid to organizations that wanted to approve abortions.

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