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Nowadays, the world is filled with scientific innovations and discoveries that positively influence people’s lives. With the development of technology, it has become easier for women even well beyond menopause to conceive a baby. While some time ago, such expressions as ‘in-vitro fertilization’, ‘donor eggs’, and ‘donor sperm’ were rare and strange, they are more common to people nowadays. Even though many women who already have menopause use in-vitro fertilization since they want to conceive a baby, they only have an 11.5% chance (Todd, 2009). Still, is it right for women of old age to think of having a baby?

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Is it Right for Women of Old Age to Think of Having a Baby

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I believe that the ideal age to have children is when a woman is 20-35 years old. This age is most favorable for women to conceive a baby. Moreover, at this age, women have fewer possibilities of miscarriages and complications. When a woman is between 20 and 35 years of age, she can easily cope with the both physical and psychological strain of pregnancy, and the difficulties in the process of raising a child. Furthermore, women at this age are healthier and more energetic.

Nevertheless, some women claim that it is not their physical age that is important, but it is their general well-being. Still, people are at the mercy of the natural process of aging. Women’s ability to give birth is envisaged by nature, and the reasons why women have menopause are natural. At a fairly old age, women’s bodies cannot support pregnancy, and usually, such women face many health problems. In my opinion, it is unreasonable to give birth to a child at such an old age when the chance of raising a child to adolescence is highly debatable. Children are dependent on their parents till they are mature enough to care for themselves. Consequently, parents should be young, healthy, and full of energy to be able to cope with all the difficulties of raising a child.

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