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Nov 8, 2017 in Opinion

Abigail Adams


Students in America, as early as in preschool learn about the founding fathers who courageously founded the democratic nation known as the United States of America. The big question why do we not mention founding “mothers”. On the pronouncement of independence founding fathers declared that all people are equal .Although it is the founding mother Abigail Adams who fought passionately for the discrimination of any kind of person, especially the racial and gender discrimination (Akers & Charles ,1999). Abigail Adams was more of an activist that the American leaders of American Revolution. Abigail letters which she wrote to her husband John Adams showed that she was a woman of fanatical intelligence, knowledgeable, self-sufficient, dedicated, resourceful and opinionated. Her letters and writings reveal how dedicated and committed she was in fighting for rights and freedom of women, ferocious partisanship in affairs of her family interest, and an impertinent sense of humor. Abigail Adams is also remembered as a competent financial and farm manager. People considered her to be a woman who was ahead of her time.

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Abigail Adams - Revolutionary Theorist

Abigail Adams was born in a place known as Massachusetts, Weymouth, on 11th November, 1744, according to the Julian calendar. Abigail Adams had one brother and two sisters. Abigail original name was Abigail Smith. Abigail father was educated and this promoted him to become the minister of northern parish church of Massachusetts. Despite the fact that Abigail relatives being ship captains and merchants, she was raised in an easy and simple rural environment. She did not go to school due her poor health; this made her to be educated at home where she could learn domestic skills and values such as cooking, weaving, sewing and needle work. At free time Abigail took advantage of his father‘s equipped library to widen her knowledge.

Unlike other women in the society, Abigail Adams demonstrated and expanded the role and rights of women in the society, she was a partner to her husband in decision making and also a promoter of equal rights among the people. Women in the colonial era were expected to care for children, do the cooking and carry out cleaning activities while their counterpart’s husbands were expected to carry out other main duties (Kelvin& Phyton, 2001). Women had no voice in the society and they were supposed to be submissive to their husbands. According to Ibrahim Ian, a political analyst during the colonial period once stated “the use of slogan ‘all men were created equal` was perhaps not a conscious attempt to make a statement about women. It was just that women were past consideration as valuable of inclusion. They were politically invisible”. However Abigail was able to move past that invisibility through bringing out her views and opinions to her husband and creating extraordinary role as a wife and a mother (Carpapon& Mester, 1988). It is evident in the letters that that John and Abigail wrote to each other while he was working in the continental congress in Philadelphia in the year 1776, that he highly valued her wife advices and opinions. Some of john Adams antagonist and opponents thought that his wife influenced him a lot (Nagel & Paul, 1999)

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One of Abigail Adams remarkable revolutionary opinions was about women freedom and rights. Abigail Adams held that women were not supposed to obey to rules and regulation that were not made in their best paramount interest, and should not be happy to be treated as servants and being considered as husband’s assets. During the time John Adams was outlining the Declaration of Independence among with other revolutionary activities. Abigail wrote him a letter urging him to “remember the ladies and be more favorable and kind to women than the ancestors. Do not put unlimited powers into hands of husbands. Remember all men would be autocrat if they could” (Abigail Adams, March 1776). Although john Adams assumed the request this letter fully show how powerful Abigail’s opinions were. Abigail Adams ended becoming the first American women to fight for the rights of women.

Between 1775-1783 when revolutionary war started, John Adams was called back to join the continental congress. In the 2nd congress George Washington was made the chief commander of the American army forces. During this time the congress also set up a government which could run the American colonies. After a year later the congress approved the declaration of independence, in which colonies of America declared independence from the government of Britain. During this difficult time of wars Abigail Adams contributed much to her county has she provided lodging and meals to soldiers who stopped up at John Adams home in hours of the day and night (Zinn & Howard, 2003) During the fall of 1775, the people of Britain endured suffering of dysentery epidemic-bowel infection; Abigail Adams had to participate in nursing the sick relatives and friends in addiction to caring the needs of her children. Eventually after some time her family friends including her mother finally died from this illness.

As the fighting came closer to her home in Boston, Abigail started writing many letters to her husband pointing out the events of the time. In a letter written to her husband on March 1776, Abigail Adams requested her husband to take women’s right into reflection when the colonies achieve independence. She quoted `` In the new regulations and laws which I believe it will be necessary for you to make, I wish you remember the women and be more bighearted and generous to them than you intimates…..if particular attention and care is not given to women and ladies we are determined to stimulate a revolt, and will not hold ourselves bound by any regulations or laws in which we don’t have representation or voice. The following are some of the most influential letters between Abigail Adams and her husband, John Adams according to (Carpapon $Mester, 1988).


When the American Revolution ended, the new independent nation quickly needed a president. This led to an election where George Washington came to be the first president of United States of America after defeating John Adams who became 2nd position. At that time the people with the next largest amount of votes become the vice president, so John Adams become the vice president. Even though Abigail Adams was upset by her husband political work, which made him to be far away from home for several years, she ended up fully supporting his pronouncement of vice president. Afterwards the family re-located to Pennsylvania, Philadelphia where the central government was based at the time. Abigail Adams exercised the responsibilities hostess, she welcomed visitors and friends to John Adams home (Boner, Nathge, 1998).

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