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Nov 8, 2017 in Opinion

A Blessing in Disguise

There are some things in life that are simply taken for granted like walking, breathing, smiling, talking, hearing, seeing or any other of the basic fundamentals that are regular aspects of our daily routine. However, it is the possibility to enjoy these simple things that makes life worthwhile. I was lucky to be given a special opportunity for which I am fully grateful. However, tragedies can, somehow, either traumatize an individual or, as it was in my case, open their eyes. As Benjamin Disraeli once said, "One secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes". I might have been young to realize that fully when it happened, but I was ready.

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My Near Death Experience Essay Example

I faced an actual life challenge when a deathly disaster overtook me. As a result, it broadened my perspective and views on life itself. When I was fifteen years old, I got at the point of death while having a tragic jet-ski accident. That experience influenced my outlook and approach greatly. When an incident interferes with normal daily activities, it usually creates a sense of panic or defeat and causes the deepest emotional reactions. A "turning point" or a “tragedy” is a devastating period of time that will change an individual for either better or worse. That rock bottom situation that interfered with my normal activities made me a better person.

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In 2009, on a hot summer day like any other, I was jet-skiing with my friends, until I sped towards a boat expecting it to be moved by the time I reached it. The next thing that happened was a crash. My body was numbed by the agonizing pain; later on, I discovered that I had broken my left femur, fractured four of my ribs, punctured my lung, fractured a bone in my ear and was suffering from internal bleeding. Doctors said I was lucky to survive; so, I realized that it was my opportunity to get a second chance in my life. Not everyone is granted second chances in life. I was sincerely grateful to have been such a privilege but it did not come cheap.

It took me a lot of hard work, pain and determination to get to where I am today. A broken femur causes lots of problems. That injury has some effect on me even today. I stopped playing basketball and going in for other sports and games for a year. My main focus was to learn how to walk again. Being a fifteen-year-old, I felt that it was a little shocking and scary that I physically wasn't able to walk, move my leg or even bend my knee. During five agonizingly painful months, my left leg had been dead. I had been on crutches for a year and had been doing physiotherapy for six months. Then I gave up, as I was too exhausted from the pain that I had to go through every day.

That accident made me appreciate little things in life. I had been traumatized for a while but, eventually, I learnt to appreciate what I have and move forward. It was a really long journey of getting to know myself and my limits that brought me where I am now. I wake up every morning grateful for what is given to me, being alive and able to walk. I am lucky that this tragedy ended up to be a blessing in disguise. Today, I face every challenge I encounter with the same perseverance and determination; I will not take life for granted any more.

Tragedies in life affect people in different ways. Death being at the doorway is scary and that is why one should live one’s life like there is no tomorrow.

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