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Nov 8, 2017 in Narrative

Worst Vacation

Life is moving and nobody will live forever in this world. One bad event or scenario can change your life completely. For instance by being disabled or it could lead you to death. The commencement of summer vacation in 2009 has always lingered in my mind. My friends and I were reverie about the vacation and it seemed everyone was eagerly looking forward to it. We had it all planned from the beginning to do something that would be pleasing to all of us. However, something crossed my mind that I should take my dad’s car without permission because he had left the country. I told my allies about it and they were for the idea.

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The first day everything went as planned. I waited patiently for my mother to leave the house as she had to catch up with my dad. I hurriedly ran to the living room on the drawers and took the car keys. The engine then roared to life and drove off to pick three of my friends who were waiting for me along the road. We drove off first to the beach, ate ice-creams then thereafter headed for a new film, which was scheduled at the Foit cinema plaza. The day was great as everyone felt the importance of the vacation.

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The second day, we agreed to have our lunch at my friend home then went to the nearby shopping mall. At the mall, we did shopping using the money we kept aside for the day. The day seemed shorter than we could imagine as we had a lot of fun that one of my friends Paul spoiled his wrist watch. However, the day did not end without drama when Ali met his friend Timothy who was good at playing cards. He stripped each one of us thrice in a row.

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On the third day we had better plans for it. Early in the morning when the sun was up, Ali came at home and left to pick Ahmad. There we met the rest of our friends. We got into the car and I took the wheel. However, Ahmad kept bothering me with the previous day’s events. Nevertheless, I was not concentrating on the steering wheel when I had someone shouted “watch out!!!” In front of us, there was a grandma crossing the street. Out of panic, I turned the steering wheel immediately strongly to the right towards the sidewalk. I just heard a loud deafening sound. The car hit the sidewalk and flipped over. I knew my time had come as we screamed and everyone carried for help. The last thing I remember was being pulled out of the car and seeing frightened people watching along the sidewalk.

Within a short period of time, an ambulance came and took us to the hospital. My limb was broken and one my friends’ arm too. My parents were immediately informed about the incident. I was horrified to see them standing by my bed all in disbelief. I did not know what to tell them because I had taken the car without their permission. When I was asked what had happened, I could not utter a word. Instead, I they kept asking the same questions repeatedly. It was not easy to say the truth as it seemed to speak for itself.

After four days, I was discharged from the hospital and headed home. My parents were angry with me because of what I had done. I was now to stay at home for a few days until my limb got better. Out of anger, my mother took away my cellphone as well as my computer. At home, everyone was so mad at me that no one could speak to me. They also could not let my friends pay me a visit. I was never allowed to leave my room when they were around, and the food was usually brought to my room so that I could not eat with everyone at the dinning room. I was totally isolated. It was a hard moment staying for weeks without talking to any body or chatting with my friends. I kept on thinking each and every moment how the events turned out.

They told me how they thought that I was dead. “Did you see the car?!" asked my brother. "No I didn’t." I replied. He immediately handed over the pictures he had taken to me. When I saw them, I felt tears fill my eyes and I stared at the pictures while on my bed for more than ten minutes without talking. I just thought that it could be our last day.

I learnt a great lesson in my life. Thinking in a positive way is the best thing before making a decision. The accident shaped my life since every moment of my life I opt to think before doing something. It is important for people to weigh their decisions and be ready to account for every wrong move made. Lastly, driving safe and respecting the traffic law is important while driving.

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