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Biases on the basis of gender is very destructive as any other type of biases. Biblically a man and woman were not created equal because of the different strengths that God gave to each of them. One of the major challenges is the difference between men and women who have lasted since creation do not disregard the discrimination that is in the society on the basis of gender. This trend has extended to the workplace where indifferent treatment occurs on the basis of gender difference. Because of the gender discrimination at the workplace women are forced to work extra harder and smarter than men in order to survive. The decisions that women make in order for them to succeed makes them to become better choices. In religion like Muslim gender biases is very rampant, Muslim women are considered to be lesser being and weaker sex and as a result these women have missed many developmental opportunities because of the cocoon that their male counterparts have locked them. Islamic women from extreme Islamism’s are disregarded and disrespected by their men and looked at as sexual objects with no meaningful life (Dipboye & Colella 2005).

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Gender Discrimination in Employment

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The fact that women take part in voting does not mean that there is no more gender discrimination. In almost all life’s phases every individual has to put up with some sort of gender abuse, stereotype and bias. Therefore self awareness of the forms of gender discrimination is essential if you have to fight such an ill. Despite the fact that the law prohibits harassment, promotions and hiring on gender basis such practice continue to take root in our society. The most unfortunate thing about the whole issue is that its difficult for the necessary prove that can be of much help to be found. Averagely women receive less pay compared to the men who are doing the same kind of job. Another ill that befall women is that a woman who is expectant is discriminated on the basis of the pregnancy which she is carrying. For example such a woman is treated indifferently from other women that are not expectant and most of the times their employers tend to force them out of the job because of their condition (Dubeck & Borman1996).

Another group of people who faces gender discrimination is the gay society. They are treated indifferently because they fail to fit in the cultural gender roles that other people usually fit. And for these reason they are often susceptible to discrimination and harassment in the community and at the workplace. Our traditional culture imposes gender discrimination on its people. For instance women are meant to cultural look at their husbands, family and carry out the house chores whereas a man is expected to be the breadwinner. Therefore some men have troubles if their women fail to do that which they are culturally supposed to.

Some survey that was done in 2008 by some company in order to reveal any form of gender discrimination at workplace revealed some significant truths. The survey was basically about product manager salaries in relation to gender biases. The researchers took a keen interest on salary distribution depending on the roles and they also analyzed compensation data. When the collected information was critically analyzed some of the results that were obtained indicated that; men generally get a higher compensation than the women who are doing the same kind of job. Some of the other factors which were very clear are that older people normally get a higher pay than young people. Other factors that may explain the disparity in the results is that age is associated with experience which may be the cause of higher salaries among the old compared to young employees (Lazear & Rosen 1990).

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