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The Eastern Europe and Roman Minority

The Eastern Europe nations such as Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria’s governments have failed to put in place government policies aimed at improving the trivial situations of the Roma minority. Contrary to other ethnic groups in Eastern Europe, the Roma face a wide range of cultural, social, economic and political challenges (Pogány, 2004). The European communist regime exposes the gypsies to ethnic prejudice as experienced in the public system as well as the education sector. The anti Roma ideologies and sentiments were witnessed when the Roma were forcefully evicted from Eastern Europe in 2010. Besides, the Roma are the largest minority group in Eastern Europe yet the group faces discrimination in healthcare, employment, education, housing and law enforcement. Although there are several rules addressing Roma rights, the government has done very little to implement the laws (Pogány, 2004).

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The communist era encouraged the Roma to take on unskilled or semi skilled labor. This has resulted in the high rate of Roma unemployment. The Communist further integrated the Roma into their economy without equipping them with proper professional training. Besides, the police in Eastern Europe has failed to curb racial violence against the Roma, therefore increasing justice prejudice towards the Roma. Roma suspects are convicted with harsh penalties compared to their European counterparts (Pogány, 2004).


According to Pogány Istavan, “the Roma have had to contend with discriminatory and unsympathetic treatment by criminal justice system.” (2004).The Roma continuously face denigration by a section of politicians and media. The European police false accuse and prosecute Roma youth for crimes they did not commit. Suspected criminals assaulting the Roma are partially convicted or released, hence the Roma face no justice if assaulted by the Europeans. Although there are set, laws which can enable the Roma face justice, racially motivated actions by the legal systems.

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