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Nov 8, 2017 in Narrative

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I am privileged to write in support of my dear friend Le Thai Son. As the vice-president of the Students’ Association of Taganrog Institute of Technology (TIT-SFedU), I have had the pleasure of knowing Le Thai Son for the last three years, during which I witnessed his tremendous growth and development.

In 2010 a young man came to my office with an ambitious plan of making an international cultural festival in Taganrog. His name is Le Thai Son. At that time all international students’ activities were managed by the Center for International Activities. However, as Son said, Russian students were involved in the festival, so he needed help from the Students’ Association. Son was showing a strong desire of making TIT-SFedU a better place for international students.

A month later after this speech, with a great contribution of Son, the Students’ Association organized the first international cultural festival in TIT-SFedU. It was a great success as most of the international students were participating in this festival. They prepared traditional national dishes, showing national clothes and dances. This event gave a perfect view of Son’s brilliant ability in organizing social events and influencing other people.

After the success of this cultural festival I’ve been worked with Son in organizing a lot of other volunteer, sports, and cultural events involving foreign students. Working with him is just a great pleasure. Son is a tactful person with great communication and organizational skills. More important than that is his desire of contributing. Nowadays I don’t see that many hardworking people like Son.


I’m confident that Son will bring great benefits to your community as he did for us. Your favorable consideration of his application will be highly appreciated.

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