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More literature prevails on the impact if the leadership styles on Generation X turn over with a rather different direction of argument taking in the hierarchy system as a cause of turnover. The high rates of turn over as per Broadbridge, Maxwell, & Ogden (2007) discussed has been the hierarchical problems being caused by the leadership styles within diverse organizations. The hierarchical problems are indeed a weighty problem to the Generation Xers because they do not like being handled as the minors (Jason, 2009). When a Generation X member in an organization as an employee has an issue, the individuals believe to be demoted when he or she have to go to upper management to seek for an opinion about the same (Seidl, 2008).

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Hierarchical Problems and Leadership

The old rules within the office that have been seen as holding the hierarchic system clearly are not compatible with Generation X members and have been blamed for many problems facing this generation (Alsop, 2008).  The generation has not grown up with the virtues of Baby Boomers of respecting the seniors that draws everything to a conclusion that they do not submit to the already established systems and are not comfortable with the same (Kelan, 2008).  More issues are arising with generation changes and this is something that hierarchical systems in organizations are facing.

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Like Wong, Gardiner, Lang, and Coulon (2008) and other scholars argue, as Generation X leaders succeed Baby Boomers into leadership positions, they will need to alter their leadership style to manage the growing number of Generation Y employees effectively. This is because the trend is ever-changing and there is more about reforms in any given organizations something that has been featuring within organizations. From Baby Boomers to Generation X and to the next Generation that is Generation Y, the respective generations have their own take on existing leadership styles and their compatibility is different. Thus it draws back to leadership styles being reformed in a way that they will accommodate all these changes and be compatible with all generations at the workplace.

From the literature review, it is arguable that the thesis that leadership styles have an impact on turnover of Generation X cohort in business is remarkably true. Many of the analyzed literatures have postulated that there is a Herculean link between turnover rates of Generation X cohort members and the leadership styles adopted in organizations. Some of the most noted aspects of leadership styles impacting on turnover of Generation X draw mostly to the concept of satisfaction. The leadership style adopted poses considerable challenges within the work environment for Generation Xers, who in turn feel uncomfortable and do not get satisfied, therefore, causing high rates of turnover and regularly shifts from one job to another. The generation has been identified as having issues with Hierarchical Problems in a given organization, challenges in Career development, tensions in relationships between generations and the differences in values of generations working within a give work environment.

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