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Nov 8, 2017 in Narrative


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Marriages eventually culminate with children. And here the happiness of the couples will be crowned. This is true depending on the positive perception that couples and even the society will give to the children. However, there are some cases where other things are treasured more than the children, especially as with the celebrities who only wish to build the towers of their fame up to the sky at the expense of children. They will not children with marriage.

Marriages and the Responsibility of Raising the Children

How can this transition then be handled in order to crown the happiness of the couples? When we all believe that even the beautiful rose flower bears thorns with it, why shouldn’t we believe that even the precious treasures that we seek come with bitter sacrifices? If we do, then children and marriage will mix and blend well.

First, ideally, we will wish to please our friends, ourselves, our partners, accomplish our wild dreams, and set the image that will earn us a reputation. Though of great value, the greatest value is when we can pass it on and on and make the reputation live for ages. We are not meant to live forever and we should be ready during our marriages to raise children. With this readiness, they will mix!

Secondly, nature will require us to procreate. In doing this, it will always intervene in situations which make us see less sense in children. It will naturally make our children a perfect pleasure to us through, among other things the curiosity they possess.

How then should the couples share the responsibility of raising the children? Biologically, women naturally have an upper hand in raising children over men due to their hormone for maternal instincts that men lack. It is therefore nothing to worry when the children left for the women because they will naturally feel it is their responsibility and feel recognized and part of the society when entrusted for it. Men will of course offer a helping hand by providing the basic necessities and even including the employing of a house help.

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