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Nov 8, 2017 in Narrative

Gender Bias

Gender bias is something that has existed in our societies since time memorial. There are several types of gender biasness that occur in different settings or contexts. For example traditionally women were restricted to kitchen chores something that is still common among African. This biasness has extended to the work place where men fill some jobs are only meant for them and not the opposite sex. Gender biasness has further moved to politics and as a result our children’s lives have been affected negatively because of the wide gap existing between these two genders. Children education has been influenced on the basis of gender as a result of the wages women bring home which has subsequently made them to lag behind in science and mathematics restricting them to job opportunities that can be acquired from such subjects. For these reason there are very few women in the field of science which offers some good paying jobs (Dubeck & Borman, 1996).

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Gender Bias Pay Gap

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Gender biased salaries is where salaries are allocated on the basis of sex and this is one of the common factor that is put into play while determining the amount of money a worker can receive. At the moment gender bias barrier has started to be broken since women have begun to take part in some of the positions which were initially reserved for men. A good example is that of Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton who have crossed political barriers by actively and successfully participating in politics, something that has been reserved for men for a very long time. Such women have emerged as role models for other women who had believed for a very long time that they are inferior and cannot measure up with their male counterparts. Another field where women have greatly risen is the media sectors where they are among the decision markers of all the decisions which are usually made (Lazear & Rosen, 1990).

Basically this is the section which reveals the methods that were used in collection of data during the research. This research will mainly employ literature review as a method of data collection. Other methods that are useful in retrieving of information include interviews, surveys and questioners among many others. Every method which is used in collecting data has both positive and negative aspects and most of the time accuracy is usually not 100% though we try our level best to get as accurate information as possible. One disadvantage of using literature review is that, there is a lot of biasness when gathering information therefore it’s very important to consult numerous sources in order to minimize biasness that may occur.

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