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I personally would prefer transitory type of career to the other three which involves many different jobs. This is so due to the following reasons; it improves on the chances of increasing and making your income more secure. It also gives you an opportunity to learn a set of new skills thus increasing your professional network. In addition, it gives you an opportunity to start your own business since you can still earn your income as well as getting your business started. All these could improve on your career at some point.

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A good example of early career stage is being a clerk. This is a white-collar worker that handles general tasks of an office. The duties and responsibilities of a clerical worker are filling, keeping records, staffing and other administrative jobs. To motivate a clerk you should assign them duties, tell them what you expect from them, how it should be accomplished and give them a time frame for every task. Most clerks would wish to do a good work so to motivate them you must give them responsibilities. You should also reward good performances and behavior for motivation. Their performance should be measured through performance of regular basis without supervision or being reminded, time they arrive to work and how they are get equipped to perform their tasks. The clerks should be paid on basis of time spend at work and accomplishment of their duties.

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For mid-career stage, a good example will be that of being a manager. A manager is the one who oversees the performance of one or more employees or departments to ensure that they fulfill required duties or meet organizational goals. They can be formal or informal managers. The motivation in this job should be having power and authority to control and manage, also serving as an example so that others could emulate. Their performance should be determined through the respect and trust they have from the employees and also the overall performance of an organization. The payment of managers should be determined through the efficiency and growth/performance of a firm.

For late career stage, politicians can be a good example. A politician is a person that influences public policies and also decisions making. They are people who are in decision making positions of a government and they get these positions through being elected, appointed, inheritance or other means. The motivation in this job is the good salary that is accompanied and the security offered by the government. The politicians performance should measured according with the positions they hold in the government and how the citizens are satisfied. They should also be measured according with the past performances by other politicians in same position. Their payment should be determined on the basis of the position they hold and roles that are accompanied.


Through this assignment, I have learnt that success is all about hard work and upholding integrity. One will only reap what he/she sows; each one is accountable for whatever he/she does. I have also learnt that for one to be successful in life, he/she must set a goal and work towards achieving that goal.

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