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The reason why the professionals who are selected to select potential candidates ignore educational performance is because they assume that the individual has already met the initial requirements which in most cases are higher than the required level. The things which might be critically looked are the course that one did as well as the relevant grades. The other thing which is critically looked at by employers when determining the starting salary is an individual’s experience. Therefore experiences and skills acquired plays an important role in the amount of wages that one is allocated. Though they critically look at the experience they do not considers the years that one has worked but rather the place where one was previously working. For example United Kingdom employers tend to place a premium of approximately nine percent on participants that worked outside the country.

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Job Discrimination Essay

An individual’s nationality does not real play a role in determining the amount of salary that one will get. The reason of overlooking nationality is that it basically does not play a role on the outgoing wages. This only happens when other determining factors have been controlled. Some of the thing that plays a role in determination of salary is the job sector and its function. This is put into consideration because some sectors are very risk while some jobs are very demanding therefore it’s important for these factors to be put into consideration in order to avoid exploitation of workers who are usually protected by designated organizations. One of an important thing to remember is that though this factor plays a significant role in salary determination gender does not play any role in determining the salary to be earned since sector and function is not related to gender. Therefore the inclusion of such factors in the equation has no effect on variables which are considered to be gender based (York, 2009).

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One of the interesting things is that women do not only receive low income but most of the times they are usually denied job opportunities. This is one of the factors which can explain the differential salaries between men and women. Another interesting thing is that most men that receive jobs usually may not be job hunting whereas majority of women receives jobs because they have been seriously looking for them. In United Kingdom it has been confirmed that women are more likely not to be employed but this is not founded on the basis that they turned down their employment opportunity. Another factor that is considered when employing is the academic qualifications. Research that has been done indicates that on the overall majority of the people who are employed have higher qualifications than the GMAT requirements.

This indicates that people with minimal qualifications do not usually get the jobs which they have qualified because many of these jobs are usually taken with people with higher qualifications. For instance people with master’s degrees tend to get graduate jobs and as a result undergraduates tend to be more jobless because their opportunities have been taken by many of the post graduate applicants. Therefore it’s clear that student with excellent qualification get employed early than the rest of the applicants and this is not influenced by the willingness of an individual to look for a job. It’s apparently clear that when other factors like personal character as well as capabilities comes into play the gap between the wages of women and men greatly increases. Experts indicate that in absence of any form of discrimination women should earn approximately twenty percent higher salaries compared with the men (Dipboye & Colella, 2005).

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