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In addition to tensions being viewed as causing high rates of turnover of Generation X in business, differences in perspectives between Generations have also been viewed as a cause of turnover, and this discussion extends the argument in that direction. Broadbridge, Maxwell, and Ogden (2007) conducted research and in his discovery, he asserted even with business professionals in the Baby Boomer Category being psychologically worked out and physically worn out in their work, their conscious always haunt them when they think of leaving a workplace inadequately staffed. They sympathize with the employers because they still have a great connection with their workplaces. They can, therefore, always submit to requests by management to work on their day off, and they always welcome such pressures (McGuire, & Hutchings, 2007).

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Generation X

This, however, was not the case with Generation X members who are the complete opposite (Broadbridge, Maxwell, & Ogden, 2007). In the research, Generation X always get pissed off when they are asked to cover for others, especially during a time that they refer to as their “free time.” The Baby Boomers wonder why they cannot cover for the same because they have different values. Some have generated in them some decent principles (Broadbridge, Maxwell, & Ogden, 2007). At that time, when Baby Boomers were being employed the leadership styles were pointing at the supremacy of the leaders and everyone had to give in to the same (Broadbridge, Maxwell, & Ogden, 2007). Members of this generation had to make long-term commitments in their work and without any complaints instilled in them a spirit of fear and submission to orders (Wong, Gardiner, Lang, & Coulon, 2008).

Generation X has come at a time when situations have undoubtedly changed, and they normally loathe any work environment where they have to listen and submit to orders (Broadbridge, Maxwell, & Ogden, 2007). Generation Xers only give in to orders of a kind when they have something to motivate them. They can only incline to reforms within their work more readily and in the shortest time when they analyze the situation and prospect opportunities for developing multitudinous skills.

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Having understood how tensions and differences in perspectives cause turnover of Generation X members in business, other aspects come out clearly in the work environment that is seen to cause a turnover. Career development and diversity in career paths are the main discussions in this subsection to verify how leadership styles impact the turnover of Generation X. Broadbridge, Maxwell, and Ogden (2007) were among the researchers to conduct a survey, and they stated that the work environment will be controlled by the Baby Boomers for a long period until the year 2015 to the dissatisfaction of the Generation X members. They argued that despite Generation X’s wishes to advance up the career ladder, there is still a monumental challenge as Baby Boomers stand in their way (McLeod, 2008). The members of generation X have had a hard time securing themselves top positions, and this has been one principal reason they move regularly from one position to another (Seidl, 2008). The Baby Boomers within a particular work environment do have many years of experience and to add to their advantage, they have close allies with decision makers within the work environment (Broadbridge, Maxwell, & Ogden, 2007).

On the other hand, Generation X members are new to the workplace and rely on the mercies of others in securing an opportunity to advance up the ladder (Dries, Pepermans, & De Kerpel, 2008). Broadbridge, Maxwell, and Ogden (2007) in a survey came up with conclusions espousing that Generation X business professionals loathe politics engulfed in the organization’s operations (Alsop, 2008). The politics always bring them down and supposedly de-motivate them because of improper working conditions.

However, one thing is clear Baby Boomers, and Generation Xers have a craving for status and power and this is something that does not work well in that environment (Broadbridge, Maxwell, & Ogden, 2007). That is why there is immense competition within the workplace to the disadvantage of some. Generation X always suffers the situation because they are declined the opportunities presented to Baby Boomers (Wong, Gardiner, Lang, & Coulon, 2008). This brings down their morale and causes dissatisfaction in Generation X members who in turn move from one job to another in search of that satisfaction (Sue, & Solomon, 2007).

Business professionals from diverse generations within a given environment have different value systems as well as expectations as justified in numerous researches and other scholarly works (Alsop, 2008). The generations react in diverse ways concerning handling common life events (Next Step, 2008). However, one disadvantage is that the majority of members in diverse generations cannot align themselves with the expectations of their generation.

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