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Writing a text often requires not only an idea of the concept that an author invests in perspective but also the skills of correct presentation of thoughts as well as the organization of the text and writing style. During the English 1010 course, I realized that the style that each author obtains in the process of the practical application of the skills is a unique achievement. Moreover, awareness of the so-called “handwriting” and methods of argumentation make each text of a special nature. Through the in-depth study of the topic of culture, perception, identity, and politics, my three works became key transitions to my writing style. The most important concepts for the author are not the experience but reflection on their basis. Even a small or trivial experience, if it is contemplated and built on certain images, can become a valuable contribution to writing skills. However, even if the experience does not go into written material, it is equally an extension of an author’s horizon and allows him/her to create new ways of describing the subject. Thus, based on my previous work, the experience of perceiving the problem, its comprehension and accumulation, combined with the skill of describing show my style that is manifested in my progress in this context.

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Subjective style factors in the process of progress are associated with the psychology of an author. Everyone has a certain worldview; thus, he/she perceives and understands the concept of the world not like everyone else. Under the influence of outlook and psychology, any author writes texts that acquire a certain style. Thus, the style is a combination of peculiarities of creativity. My works are different from the writings of other writers. The style reveals the character, orientation, and aesthetic development of the world and acts as a carrier of aesthetic value. Style is a type of artistic thinking. One of the regularities of artistic progress is the development of the structure of the work by the means of building up cultural and stylistic layers in it as well as increasing the degrees of its differences and relationships with other phenomena of culture.

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The dominant style characterizes a feature of an individual style that prevails in the frequency of manifestation. A style dominant can be any component of an artistic work, namely a component of the content or form of the work. The style dominant may be common to several works, as can be seen from my previous written assignments. Any text is characterized by certain peculiarities of its compositional-stylistic structure, while the specificity of the organization and interaction of the figurative means of the text form its “face”, hence revealing a leading and dominant feature. Depending on the general character of the style, any element matters in the organizing dominant over others and subordinating them. Such dominant characteristic manages, defines, and transforms other components. Since style is not an element but a feature of artistic form, it is not localized in one element and is distributed throughout the structure of the form. Thus, the organizing principle of the style is found in virtually any fragment of the text, where each textual “point” carries the imprint of the whole. I noticed that my style evolved with each subsequent assignment. For example, the first paper on “Knowledge and Belief Influencing Sight” presents more constructive story specifics and a detailed description of the subject of paintings by artists. I structured the painting Susanna and the Elders from various angles and points of view described it in terms of the era and vision of a naked woman and specified the major elements of context. The style of my writing has much in common with the artistic review and continues the topic of the importance of perception in the artistic context. Even though the text is based on theoretical work and artistic objects, progress in the formation of the personal style of expression is also noticeable in comparison with the subsequent assignments. For example, the phrases “Consequently, the artists have remixed and reworked the painting entirely depending on the meaning they intend to communicate to the viewers” (“Paper 1”); “Inwardly, one can see the struggle for self-efficacy, a dream that takes a lot of time to become a reality or, in some cases, it cannot materialize” (“Paper 3”); and “Typically, any higher education institution provides an opportunity whereby students from diverse backgrounds interact and exchange various ideas and cultures from their respective ethical affiliations” (“Paper 2”) are signs of one style of writing, which includes constructive, summarizing, and research character. In this way, each paper shows how any topic, ranging from art to feminism, can be represented by a critical review of an author’s ideas and reflections on the subject.

The concept of style means not only the actual coexistence of different techniques but also the internal mutual precondition, namely the organic or systematic connection that exists between individual techniques. Although the style is related to the category of artistic form with the original use of certain artistic techniques and means, the style is also a connection with the content, idea, problem, and writer’s outlook. I noticed that the development of my writing style was due to a change in my outlook. For example, in Paper 1, I speak of art more relying on Berger’s theoretical base: “Usually, one’s perspective of painting is a political act that is based on experience, habit, and convention. Berger argued that the perception makes the eye the center of the visible word.”. In Paper 2, I am thinking about the problem of the contact zone of cultures, hence making a conclusion on my own: “Thus, a contact zone brings more than one culture together. Pratt says that a contact zone is an interaction where cultures come together, where the transculturation occurs.” In the last work, I already rely more on my judgment about Didion’s book, hence criticizing her look at the feminism of the 60s: “The author did not understand the reason for this treatment if the move was towards the attainment of feminism” (“Paper 3”). In this way, the style of my writing becomes more obvious and independent. The support of theoretical works is still necessary for a thorough understanding of the problem. However, my vision becomes stronger with every text, therefore outlining my writing style. Due to the style, an author creatively reproduces or transforms the problem and artistically elaborates on the material of life. General themes, problems, and events acquire artistic uniqueness in the individual style of a writer since they are “pass-through” the personality of an author. The multifaceted and expanded interpretation of the style in the mind of the modern person shows, firstly, the universality of the concept, which is not confined only to the limits of literary criticism, linguistics, and functions in the spheres of cultural studies, life, aesthetics, and art. Secondly, the multifunctionality of the style implies the presence of clear indications of it, the visually distinctive features that have been brought out from the outside.

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Although the style cannot be identified with the form, it does not exist beyond the formal features, thus being the property of the form and expressing its peculiarity. Thus, the artistic style is not only aesthetic but also the material and purely physical embodiment of this aesthetic element of the text. Given the importance of the aesthetic design of the text, the content and form presented in a consistent and logical presentation are also signs of my writing style that is witnessed through these three assignments. The introduction, the bulk of the arguments and evidence, the derivation of a single formula that includes an argument and counterargument, as well as the conclusions are properly followed in all my works. Thus, I can conclude that the form and content have changed to a small extent, thus developing into a single stable style. Most of my personal experiences and impressions that I used during writing are manifested in the arguments and judgments that I had constructed based on life experience. Thus, my personality played a big role in shaping me as a writer. The English 1010 course showed me that writing is not just a set of cliches that need to be taken into account when completing a paper, but personal experience, approach, style, and vision are important in the successful finishing of the work. I have defined personal style as dialectical integrity of the formal-informative nature, which implies the systematic coincidence of ideological and thematic factors as well as artistic and aesthetic imagery, a logical way of transforming content into form.

Describing cultural trends as well as problems of identity and human rights, I had the opportunity to deeply analyze each issue with the help of paintings, films, and books. Such auxiliaries that allowed me to develop a style that was inherent to me as a writer became a strong basis for developing my argument. The use of text, visual means, and their incorporation led to the form of my writing and its transitions. From the understanding of the author’s position, the gradual reflection on its consequences, and ending with my thoughts or even counterargument, I developed my way of analyzing the problem. After reading each of the papers, it is easy to see how my confidence in the material is growing, along with the criticality of understanding and position. Thus, the development of style during the English 1010 course was a really useful experience for my future learning and professional development. Given that professional writing, certain styles in the process, and ease in the material analysis are important components of any career growth, I have received many new skills and succeeded in mastering the course. Thus, my style and peculiarities of my vision problems have evolved and become more evident in light of new life experiences, perceptual psychology, and curriculum skills.

The development of the person throughout life points to a wealth of opportunities to comprehend new information spaces. An individual who grows up in a certain culture and has a tendency to study other cultures would have the opportunity to succeed in the sphere, which is the priority. Thus, the English 1010 course became a decisive step for me to learn important writing skills and develop my style of writing. Given my work during the course, I can confidently say that my progress as a writer has become noticeable in many aspects. Due to the hints and methods of working with the text, I realized the importance of my argument and position in the analysis of any concept. Thus, I developed these new skills quite successfully by formulating my vision of the text and its role in my life. Such experience has been useful for me in embodying my dreams and intentions in the future profession and showing me my prospects as a writer with my style.

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