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The Official Story Movie Analysis Example

The official story is an intense and sensitive movie which explores the moral character. The film is a depiction of the pain of a mother and her inescapable pull toward finding out the truth about the origins of her adopted daughter. When she finally finds out the truth, what she actually unravels sheds more light on the horrible secrets of the Dirty War that Argentina went through in the late 1970s and the early 1980s. This movie shows the viewer what happens when the Argentinean military junta makes a decision to torture, murder and cause the “disappearance” of its opponents.

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The movie is a powerful resource to students of modern Latin as it showcases the historical events of a dark era in Latin America. That these events happened in the presence of intelligence gathering agencies and a world body “UN” which was supposed to oversee a safer world and play a role in ensuring that atrocities of the degree that happened in Argentina in the late 70s and early eighties were not to happen is a sad thing.

Through the pain of the characters in the movie, the audience explores the evils that can happen when governance is left in the hands of a ruthless minority. Democracy safeguards the common good of the majority and when it goes out the window and a suppressive regime takes over, sovereignty or not, the world should not turn the other way.

The necessity for evil to flourish is the inaction of good people and their hesitance to rise up and do something as it evidently happened in Argentina. A leadership that was supposed to safeguard its citizens unleashed terror on its populace instead. History even recent, was once again allowed to be written in blood of a population that was helpless though it shouldn’t have been so.

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