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American View of Cultural Values in Education


Communities have their values that define the lifestyles of the members who hail from these areas. America is among the nations with some of the most admirable values in society. For example, equality is among the American values that made many people prefer to study in this country. Studying abroad is a challenge more so when the cultural environment of a given country does not support intercultural activities. However, in the United States, the value of individualism allows them to easily embrace other people who hail from other nations since they treat individual needs with much regard. Seattle University provides one of the catalogs that express some of the American values. It makes the students and employees aware of equality and non-discriminatory treatment. In addition, some of the job descriptions in America show that they uphold values that support interaction at the international level (Monster, 2018). Therefore, based on the job description and the Seattle University catalog, it is evident that American culture hinges on such values as equality, individualism, and action on facts.

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Based on the Shipt Shopper job description, one can confirm that equality is among the values that America holds dearly. Society uses gender or race-sensitive language when describing the job that it expects people to apply for in every setting (Monster, 2018). The issue of gender disparity does not play any role when it comes to the advertisement of the available jobs in America. Seemingly, every organization considers applicants as people who are up to the task, and, therefore, their gender does not play any significant role when they apply for these duties. This cultural aspect makes America one of the best places for people who want to further their studies since they will hardly suffer any form of discrimination when it comes to job applications. Stewart (2005) affirms that America is a society where motivation hinges on ascription, in contrast to achievement making status and equality to characterize its value system (p. 84). This scenario identifies what happens at Seattle University, based on the details of their 2018-2019 undergraduate catalog (Seattle University, 2018). The university is categorically related to its obligation to promote equality among the students and its employees. The institutions operate a system that is nondiscriminatory making it one of the best universities where international students can pursue their careers. The management at Seattle University provides their students with equal opportunities and treatment when it comes to fulfilling their goals. They offer fair treatment to prospective international students. Any international student who plans to study in America should make the decision faster since it is a place full of equal treatment. In most cases, students suffer from racial phobia whenever they sit to decide in which countries to pursue their education. However, this should not be the case with most American universities. These institutions offer students equal opportunities to enable them to explore their talents and capabilities on level grounds.

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Moreover, the issue of gender and race does not exist when it comes to studying in America. Regardless of an individual race or gender orientation, the management of these institutions provides people with equal opportunities to achieve their life objectives. Every member who participates in this community is privy to the fact that people suffer from these forms of discrimination and, as a result, avoid them at all costs. They believe that people require equal chances in education and other realms if they must attain their objectives in society (Seattle University, 2018). Seattle University, in particular, has policies that guide against any form of discrimination making it a good place to pursue education.


Individualism is another cultural value that defines America as a society. Most places in the United States uphold individualism and they accord every person the right to pursue their moral objectives, particularly in their educational endeavor. Students prefer having the opportunity to follow their desires to allow become what they want in the future. According to Stewart (2005), “The value of affiliation may be on the rise as American individualism becomes subservient to organizations and the goals of groups and institutions” (p. 81). America operates on a cultural system that allows every person to do what he or she considers morally right. Thus, those students who would like to experience an educational environment full of personal freedom could find America the best place to pursue their dreams. The Shipt Shopper at Shipt job description provides some evidence concerning the American value of individualism (Monster, 2018). This value allows every organ that forms the American community to give various people the attention they deserve when they pursue their life goals. In many respects, American values support international education by recognizing the diverse and bizarre needs of various learners. This situation is quite visible at Seattle University where the management accords every stakeholder, including students and employees the individual attention they deserve.

Largely, American values do not restrict international students to behave in a particular manner, since such lifestyles can be inconsistent with their cultural practices. Instead, they create a conducive atmosphere for them, where they have enough time to pursue their academic goals. Stewart (2005) views individualism as a cultural value in the United States, which has ensured that people from diverse cultures have all the support they need for these goals. The institutions such as Seattle University, through their management, listen to individual problems as opposed to treating the learners collectively (Seattle University, 2018). Institutional management recognizes that students often face various challenges that can make some of them even opt out of school. Thus, they encourage the learners not to view themselves in comparison with other students but only follow what they feel is ethically right. This makes the atmosphere around this place the most conducive for the students who wish to pursue their education overseas. The American values and, in particular, individualism at Seattle University has eliminated any issues related to racial or gender discrimination. Instead, they value the need to have people pursue what they consider desirable and vital in their every endeavor. As a result, students in this university and America as a whole receive the most desirable since they do not suffer any external pressure or collective influence.

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The fact as the Basis of Action

The American culture gives individuals their privacy, making it one of the best communities for international students. Their cultural values allow private conversations with individuals, as these discussions mostly focus on actions (Stewart, 2005). Most of the people who come from this culture recognize that people require some privacy when they interact with one another. According to these parties, their private space aims to allow them to act appropriately and engage in problem-solving processes (Stewart, 2005). This situation is quite visible when it comes to public spaces. During these discussions, Americans provide enough private space for one another to allow them to handle personal matters. This is a valuable culture since situations emerge when individuals have to discuss different issues in privacy. The job description mentions different areas that deal with aspects of life that are quite private. For example, it highlights private qualities and publications so that a person can secure this job. These details, which include pay and academic qualifications show that society values private information (Monster, 2018). It means that American cultural values can meet the needs of people who hold their privacy dearly since it is one of the factors that this society provides to individuals. One does not have to become worried about his/her affairs being public, since the culture is already against that behavior.

Additionally, these private spaces facilitate fact-finding and the identification of the possible causes of these problems, as well as finding their solutions. These conditions are among the factors prevailing in most of the learning institutions in America. At Seattle University, the management recognizes the need for various stakeholders, including students and personnel, to have their private space. After classes, students have an opportunity to undertake personal duties and engage in activities they consider necessary. Most learners want a free environment for interaction and a place where they can pursue some goals related to fact-finding. The University through its management recognizes such demands and, as a result, gives the learners their private space after they accomplish their formal classes (Seattle University, 2018). The process entails students privately consulting with their lecturers or among themselves concerning academic issues. Logically, some learners will require explanations about the areas of knowledge they interacted with during class lessons. Thus, the school system offers this flexibility and allows the students to have enough time for private consultations. Based on these conditions, Seattle University is one of the best institutions of learning that promote American values. It upholds privacy dearly and accords it to all learners regardless of their race and gender. As a result, international students have the best opportunity to learn in America including Seattle University.


The American culture hinges on various values including facts, individualism, and equality. These values are visible in their education policies and job descriptions. Seattle University, which is among the best learning institutions, takes these cultural activities dearly. The management of this institution recognizes the need to give learners equal treatment regardless of their race and gender. This is one of the places where students receive equal treatment in their academic endeavors. The atmosphere is favorable for international students since its policies are non-discriminatory. In addition, American culture respects individualism and, as a result, people have the opportunity to pursue the activities they want as they conform to moral values. Individuals can undertake their activities without interference since society believes in individual interests. Another value that is ubiquitous in the United States is privacy. People in this country respect privacy and often keep enough distance between them to allow other people to transact their duties. Therefore, America is one of the most favorable places for international students.

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