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Cell phone is a communication device which a user carries along with him. A basic cell-phone is used for calling and receiving calls. It is also used for receiving and sending messages. Modern cell phones have extra features that include internet surfing, taking and storing photographs, down loading files and graphics, entertainment among others. Several brands of cell phones are sold in the market today. These include Nokia, Samsung, Alcatel and Sonny Erickson (Kavoori, 12). They have developed from a simple communication gadget to a complicated entertainment tool.

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History of Cell Phone

Cell phones originated from wireless security phones that were used by the Police and Military. The idea was later introduced to the public in the 1970s. During this time, only the rich would afford to buy a cell phone. The size and shape of the handset by then, was large compared to today’s handset. Sooner, cell phones became available even to the middle class people. The convenience experienced in this form of communication, attracted many people since one could travel with the handset anywhere (Kavoori, 45). Most companies started making cheaper handset that became affordable to many people. From 1990s onward, the use of cell phone overtook the land line usage. Today, over two billions people use cell phone all over the world.

People prefer to use the cell phone for their communication because it is convenient to carry around. Their cost has also gone down making many people to be able to afford them. An individual can now communicate with someone else in another continent within a second. The cost of calling using cell phone has as well gone down over the years. The cell phone is used by people of all gender. Many men than women have cell phones. But women use more time to talk using cell phone than men (Levinson, 31).

The use of cell phone has made it possible for people to communicate more than before. This is because cell phones are used even in remote areas where there are no land lines. Because it is cheap calling using cell phone, more people are using it to communicate, and do business. This has made the speed of communication to be faster. Also, many people are doing business by the use of the same cell phone (Agar, 36). Cell phone communication has made a person to make many friends. Through the cell phone, people can chart and communicate through social media such as Facebook.

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Component of a Cell Phone

Cell phones have basic components which make them easy to use. Some of these include a battery which provides power to the hand set. Phone batteries are charged often from main electric supply. The input mechanism allows a user to use the cell phone. The common input mechanism is the keyboard and touch screen (Glotz, 27). These are the basic features that enable a user to make calls and text. A SIM card is normally used in all GSM phones that identify individual hand set. Cell phones with basic features are referred to as feature phone. Cell phones with complicated current features are referred to as smart phone (Ahonen, 19).

Advantages and Disadvantage of Cell Phone

The cell phone has many advantages. It makes communication easy. People can communicate from wherever and at any time. The cost of communication also has gone done because of the cell phone. Sharing information between people is made easier. People can share the latest information or news through the cell phone. Also, in cases of emergency, information can be passed across faster. People can be alerted when there is danger in a faster way. For example, the community is able to reach the police forces in case there is danger through the cell phone

Cell phones also have some disadvantages. People use cell phone while driving which can cause them to loss concentration on the road. This can cause accidents. Young people as well listen to music in their cell phone while doing other things thus ending up paying less attention to the other work they were doing. Cell phone has also been said to produce high frequency rays which harm the brain. Using a mobile phone for a long period time can cause injury to somebody’s ears and brain. Many have also got to suffer from ear drum complications due to the ear speakers they use to listen to music from their phones. Incase of danger, it is also hard to alert them since they can not hear with their ear speakers (Katz, 34). This can cause harm to them such as being hit by a car. Cell phones have also made people to become liars. People lie to others about where they are. Example, someone will say he/she are in point X while he/she is in point Y. cell phones has also contributed to people becoming lazy (Levinson, 23). People travel or walk less than before because of the ease of communication. Some people especially young people use the cell phone to access immoral sites. They can easily access pornographic sites. These corrupt young people morals.


The cell phone has changed people’s communication. People who are a distance apart can now communicate with their friends. The low cost of calling has made people communicate more often. A cell phone has thus become a necessity in the lives of many people. Many people would not do business if they do not have a cell phone (Rich, 23). It has also become possible to make friends with people without physically meeting them. The advantages of using cell phones are much more than disadvantages. People are communicating faster than before. If the cell phone technology is well used, it can have a lot of benefit to the society.

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