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Short Informative Essay Example

The play “Rabbit Hole” has caused me to experience a very deep sense of a tragedy and drama due to the detailed and thoughtful dialogues created by the author of the play – David Lindsay-Abaire. The actor game has added a feeling of some hopelessness in the first part of the play, but at the expense of the plot development, the second part has softened this perceptual illusion. The play raises a lot of sharp social issues such as permanent loss of loved ones and post-traumatic syndrome that accompanies this loss, any dependencies as in the case of Becky’s brother – Arthur, manslaughter, the pressure of society, and more (Brantley, 2015). Due to the issues raised and their parallels in life, I found the show to be extremely engaging.

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In my own opinion, one of the ways, in which the play made the deepest impression on me, was the tension moments, which occurred between the main personages such as in the cases of Becca and Izzy, when throughout the conversation they both think about the Izzy’s pregnancy and feel discomfort, comparing this new unborn baby with the loss of Becca’s own child. During such moments the floodlights distinguish the faces of the main heroes. That process creates the incredible feeling of unity with them. Moreover, during the play, the Becca’s mother voice serves as a guide throughout the Becca’s head. No doubt, it attracts the increased attention to the actors’ words and actions. In addition to the said, the background video, which was showing the home film with Danny, has the incontestable psychological influence, supporting the revealed drama.

Therefore, thanks to my own deep and positive impression of this show, I think that the play “Rabbit Hole” will affect on the viewers with radically different life experiences, ages or other cultural and social borders. That is why, it will can be placed in any place and any time. Maybe, precisely to that fact, the play won a lot of significant awards such as Pulitzer Prize for Drama (2007 Pulitzer Prizes, 2007) or Tony Award.

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