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The situation that medicine fined itself requires great changes nowadays. The beginning of XXI century with all its diseases brings demand for re – engineering all branches of this since. Either combining allopathic or complementary therapies must be changed. Modern medical science needs new alternatives, which might help to solve desperate health problems. New approaches to medicine are appointed to deal with chronic poisoning, which make suffer people all over the world. If recent time scientists would not start discovering new modes to cure ill people the situation would have sad consequences. Day after day, medics find innovations that help people survive, even if it seems to be a mortal disease. The most astonish disclosure, which inspired me, was the cardio surgery possibilities. They say it is possible to hold hart – submitting operations in the Europe, while children die from diarrhea in Africa. First of all, I try to accent on a necessity of equal medicine on all continents. Undoubtedly, modern life has huge impact on people’s life leading us to harmful results. Variety of toxic and chemical elements is accumulating in our body, blood stream and cells. Such deleterious substances provoke often mental and emotional havoc, chronic depression, and physical diseases. (Sircus, 1) Medicals must consider all these details to prevent creating new dangerous and sicknesses unknown yet. It is imperative to note, it is indispensable to invent an omnipotent remedy able cure both tremendous illnesses of nowadays and future arising.

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Ensuring Success

There is no need to accent attention on the fact that the main value of each person is its health and life. Can you imagine there is none disease that might kill you before your time will come? The success of this innovation is obvious.

The omnipotent remedy would be the best innovation of mankind for all the time. It will save people from stupid death because of doctor’s ignorance or special consequences. It hurts me knowing that children die from lack of drugs in Africa and other countries of the third world; scanty illnesses destroy the life. Everything depends on us. I want people all over the world to know that we should bother for benefits of medicine progress.

Impact on Results

However, there might appear new problems that would threat human’s life. Absolute overpopulation might cause natural disasters or critical environmental pollution. New modified health problems appear with quickly coming progress. Therefore, I am afraid for equitability of omnipotent remedy. As soon as universal cure would show itself there might arise a new infections and gene-modified sickness.

The Innovation

Nowadays, medicine is developed much better than earlier. Every day, there appear new technologies and ways to cure ill people. Nonetheless, humanity faces terrible diseases, which newest pills and procedures cannot treat.

If I might create something to help people, it would be an omnipotent remedy. Actually, it does not mean that I want people live forever. The main purpose that prompted me to think about such innovation is horrible suffering of sick person and helplessness of their relatives. It is impossible to stop or interrupt life circle, but we can help people enjoy living even if they have terminal.

It is awful to think that a half century ago peopled died from cholera, hydrophobia, pneumonia and other illnesses, easily treated nowadays. Some contagious diseases are cured by prevention. One vaccine might save your life. I tend to think that in the year 2050, people will be able to cure cancer as if we are healing catarrh today. Moreover, I hope the danger of infecting with acquit immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) will disappear, till that time. The development of medicine will never stop, if medics would do their best to solve important questions about people’s health, all over the world. It is petty to realize that some people make business threatening our lives. Health care industry is not interested in curing cancer, AIDS, Fibrocystic diseases and other serious illnesses. Can you imagine how much money they might lose if people stop buying remedies?

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The innovation I would like to create would help people live long and happy life without suffering and threat to be infected.

Creating Customer Value

The omnipotent remedy can meet all customers’ needs. There is no need to say that health is the greatest value in our living. That is why the only mention about omnipotent remedy would interest consumers. This product belongs to the group of vital needs therefore it does not need advertisement. Actually, creating customer value is the marketing step that requires planning. The main duty of my own innovation is to help people, not earn money. I want remedies to be easy available all over the world. For me, the price of life is much more expensive than value of money. Anyway, if I must sell my creation, I would determine relation between what is paid for and what is received. Great part takes in determining the value of product that I present how the customer perceives it. In my case, the omnipotent remedies will be a precious thing. (Mullings, 2011)

I want you to know that customers’ need is very impotent element in this question. For example we have two customers: A and B. Customer A may have bigger need than customer B. This means that customer B has less value of the product than customer A. The value of the product for customers depends directly on their needs. (Mullings, 2011)

Implementation Process

As we know, an implementation is the process of moving the idea from concept to reality. (Wiktionary, 2011) Generally, implementation technology contains the following phases: commit, research, analyze, design, implement and support phase. (Chang, 242) I am not self–confident enough to be sure that I’ll create omnipotent drugs. Virtually, I possess a reserve plan. I am going to look for sustenance of international salutary funds. When I persuade some charitable organization to support my idea, I’ll be able to start implementation phase for my innovation. When, I did my best to create perfect remedy after design phase implementation stage starts. Several activities happen during this phase. (262). First off all, I must discover everything related to dosage and usage of the definite remedy. Moreover, I will need investigating program discovering references also. Evidently, this would take some time. However, the innovation is worthy of being waited for.

Measuring the Impact

I applied for work by Phil Mc’Kinney identifying how I should measure the impact of my innovation. Accordingly to Mc’kinney, each innovator faces some constant challenge. Innovation and creativity should measure. If they do not measure, the innovation would never get respect it deserves. Common statement that innovation cannot be measured is a big myth. There are some metrics that might calculate measuring the impact of innovation. (Mc’Kinney, 2010) Some special organizations align a perfect formula to determine measuring of impact. Obviously, mathematics formula is not able to calculate the abstract substances always. There is also Wall Street popular metric applied to the most companies. It is the following:

Innovation = R&D Spend as % of Revenue (Mc’Kinney, 2010)

As for me, I do not like such metrics, because they are non – predictive. It is impossible to determine future success of innovation, because its does not take it into account. Discussing my future innovation, it is evident that none formula will determine its popularity. If we speak about pain and agony beyond words of dieing people, the measure of impact on customers is obvious, I think.

Reflection on Learning

There will not be words to describe its reflection on learning, when I get my goal and innovation become real. It will be principally new approach to the medicine and science generally. Fortunately, I have to say that learning and innovation I present are directly combined. The since and its development might make my cherished innovation come true. Nowadays, cancer and AIDS put humans’ life under great threat. Surgery might be used to cure or prevent majority of diseases. Cancer treated commonly by chemotherapy that eliminates cancer cells. (Fayed, 2009) It is a sore and protracted process, which requires time and money. There is no guarantee that chemotherapy would lead a patient to complete recovery. There is no definite way to cure AIDS. There are some remedies that might interrupt development of this disease. However, I want to give people a hope that some day they would live without scare.


Modern life makes people comfortable for different innovations. It is not the prodigy that people fly in outer space or dive to deepest ocean depth, use newest technique and world wide networks. The progress does not stay in place. However, new difficulties arise with the progress too. A half century ago, people died from sicknesses that we do not consider dangerous now. Medicine goes in step with the time. It is possible to cure diseases, which our forefathers accepted to be deadly. Therefore, I want to make weighty contribution in the development of medicine innovations. If one considers my innovation useless, I would insist that one does not understand its real value. I tend hope that one day I’ll be proud of my expectations.

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