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The Civil Aviation Security Free Essay

Speaking about aviation security, it is notable to pay attention to civil airports’ safety measures. Anyway, historical and general events are very important in the process of managing the airport. The recent tragedy of September 11, 2001, made governments of different countries bothered about airport systems, operations management, and administration. The security systems took first place in discussions. George Bush, being the president of the USA, established the President’s Commission on Aviation Security.

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The tragedy of September 11, 2001, and the President’s Commission on Aviation Security

Airport security is one of the most important issues that airports face in the twenty-first century. Virtually, airport security is not limited to terminal issues. It is evident that the security of airports concerns all users and areas in the airport. Generally, airport security means actions aimed to deter, prevent, and respond to any criminal act which can affect the safety and security of other people.

Air piracy, terrorism, and destroying or damaging crafts with explosives are the main acts that airport security must prevent. Aviation security appeared in 1930 when many hijacking operations took place. Fidel Castro, Arabian terrorists, and air pirates prompted the government to develop international aviation security.

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FAA as Federal Aviation Regulations

The first airport security regulations were made on March 18, 1972, and were formalized later within the FAA as Federal Aviation Regulations (281).

To ensure aviation security, people try to develop this system day after day. Nowadays, it is not enough to deal with PPBM (positive passenger baggage matching), baggage, and passenger screening, and sharing airport into safety areas defined by ASP (airport security plan). Today, FAA Advisory Circular 107 – 1 recommends the airports some standards to follow (297). At the modern airport, all fencing should be grounded, fence posts should be installed at 10- foot intervals in the center. A clear zone can be provided around a facility due to the installation of perimeter fencing 10 to 20 feet inside the property line. Fencing must be installed within two inches of any wall that forms the perimeter. In addition, fencing may be alarmed in high-risk areas. To keep airport safety, the perimeter fencing should be inspected daily by the facility guard force of operational personnel at manned facilities. An airport security system must provide a way for persons through control access gates to prevent terrorism and issue safety for passengers. It is recommended that the number of access gates should be limited to the minimum required for the safe and efficient operations of the airport.


In conclusion, it must be said that an airplane is the safest way to travel. It is possible to agree with this statement only if one is sure about the airport security system. A safe airport must include personnel and vehicle procedures, perimeter fencing, controlled access gates, security lighting, locks, key control, and patrolling. These preventive measures might make civil aviation safer in terms of future threats.

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