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Titles of the Documentaries

The title of the first video is “Greece and Rome”. It gives a background of how the two empires came onto being and analyzes their great contribution towards civilization in Europe. It gives the history of the various kings who led the two empires over time. It mentions various people who contributed to civilization

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The other video holds the titleThe Age of Iron”. It talks about how bronze and other materials such as copper were used in the Bronze Age and how the cities using bronze collapsed. It tells about the cities that existed during the Bronze Age, how the cities were attacked, burnt down, and finally disappeared. The documentary mentions that the Mediterranean Sea was widely used to connect traders in this age. It also tells how the cities using bronze in trade disappeared one by one around 1130 BC.  Nevertheless, a shift occurred when iron comes into use with time.

The last video is of the title “The Land under Siege”; it discusses the existence of a city by the name Troy and the reason behind which Greece was in war with Troy for nearly ten years. The documentary seeks to prove that the story that lies behind the city of Troy really took place and mentions a few people in the past who have also set out to prove that the story really exists. It is said that the prince of Troy Paris went to visit Greece and stole Helena; this made the king of Greece retaliate by fighting the City of Troy. The war went on for ten years.

The Most Memorable Things

In the first video” Greece and Rome”, the fact that the European civilization began in 1000BC is very interesting. In this era, Greece and Rome came about, and most of the traditions that they established have since been put into use by most countries. It is interesting to note that the word “democracy” came from Greek, meaning power of the people; this word has been put used by many people all over the world. According to the video, Romans invented most of the legal structures used today, while Greek people scientifically enquired and searched for meaning and beauty.

Another interesting thing is the style of architecture in construction of buildings that even in the current era is regarded as highly classical and is used in many places.

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Greece and Rome produced many philosophers whose principles are still used. These philosophers include Socrates Aristotle and Plato among others; there are also mane well-known Greek mathematicians. The Egyptians came up geometry, but the Greeks produced the Pythagoras theorem. This showed that the Greeks sought out the logic behind things.

The video also talks about how Rome and Greek come to power and the different leaders who led the kingdoms into conquering their neighbors to extend their kingdoms. In Greece, Philip of Macedon united Greek city states, and his son Alexander extended the Greek civilization into the East. Rome, as the documentary notes, developed into a city in the 6th BC.  One of the well-known leaders, Julius Ceaser, stretched the Roman Empire from the west all the way to the east. Due to this, it grew in trade.

The next video is “The Age of Iron”. As it is said in the first part of the essay, the documentary discusses the bronze era and its collapse that eventually led to the Iron Age, where people began using iron instead of bronze.

The documentary begins by mentioning the cities that once thrived in trade due to the use of bronze. The Mediterranean Sea, as mentioned, was a great contributor of this era as it joined many distant cities and enabled traders to conduct trade.

Unfortunately, the cities that thrived most were hit by a catastrophe in the form of an attack by the sea peoples of Egypt. Following this, the Bronze era collapsed; the cities disappeared, and even agriculture came to a stop. This led to the introduction of the Iron Age era. A lot of research has been done, and many things have been discovered including a ship that was found under the sea with copper materials and clay tablets that is proof of the existence of a city that once used bronze.

The third documentary, “The Legend under Siege”, talks about the Trojan War and the reason why it happened.

It begins by introducing the city of Troy and the Prince Paris. It began when Paris visited Greece and eloped with the wife of the King of Sparta, Helena. The king then retaliated by gathering thousands of army ships and waged war on Troy in order to bring back Helena. The purpose of the documentary is to find evidence to prove whether the story of the Trojan War really happened. 


After watching the three documentaries, I would recommend the videos to others as they hold a lot of information.

In particular, the video on Greece and Rome contains a lot of information concerning how Rome and Greece came into being. It provides one with the knowledge of how most things came to be. For example, the invention of democracy, the Pythagoras theorem, and the discovery of the eclipses, all came into being through the Greeks and Romans. It also points out the various leaders of Greece and Rome and the techniques they used to conquer their neighboring cities to build huge empires. All this information is interesting to learn as we come across it now and then in our learning lives.

“The Age of Iron” tells how trade was initially performed using bronze. It explains how the iron came to be used after the Bronze Era collapsed, which is an interesting story.

The last video talks about the Trojan War. It gives us a picture of how things used to be in the past years and how war affected places.

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