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Football is fun, and at southwest community college, soccer runs through the blood of every community member. It is so dear such that every student there must have a researched into ways of sponsoring inclusive football knowledge. There are tight schedules for games in the season and rivalry between teams seems to be on the rise. The colleges are also experiencing transition as new players join new teams (Michael, 2012).

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Southwest Junior College Conference (SWJCFC)

The community college has a Junior college conference known as Southwest Junior College Conference (SWJCFC) for part of NJCAA to train and develop new talent in players. Out of the 15 NJCAA national champions, the conference has produced 5 top teams. The current members of the conference include the following schools: Blinn College, Cisco Junior College, Kilgore College, Navarro College, Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College, Tyler Junior College, and Trinity Valley Community College. Unfortunately, some college members like Odessa College disbanded the conference activities while Allen academy eliminated the college programs (Surhone, Tennoe, & Henssonow, 2011).

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According to Charles Anthony, the head coach of the Southwest Bears, training in new soccer tactics would improve the community performance from the last year’s performance, in which they lost three games. Their record last year was 3-6, in which they lost three games by eight points or less. The coach has been working with the Bears for the last 6 seasons and he believes the team will enter the seventh season and emerge successful as long as he remains their head coach. The coach and trainers assert that starting early training sessions is key to improving the results. However, Anthony has announced that he is resigning after this season. During his time, the bears have beaten every team at least once. Freshmen Schyler and Turner Easterbrook have dedicated the job of directing the Bear’s offense this season since the loss of the second-team All-American quarterback, Vintavious Cooper.

Competition at Southwest College

Southwest Community college has received another coaching staff, which adds to the most experienced and charismatic staff we have at the college. Jeremy Varn will coach running backs and wide receivers. He has a wealth of experience from Pikeville College, the University of West Georgia, and Newberry College (Carberry, 2011). Competition is high at Southwest College and the teams are enjoying football. Every team is taking more practice to improve their game. Despite the transitions and management challenges the team faces, improvement is key to football success and the student is ready to win for the community this new season.

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