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Nov 8, 2017 in Informative

Product Characteristics

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No company in businesses produces anything. In other words, every company in the world has a specific purpose in terms of the kind of goods to be produced and marketed. It is however important to note that different products have unique compatibility with internet marketing. There are those which are very easy to deal with using online marketing whereas others are not convenient.

Marketing and Internet

Many business experts believe that the compatibility of a product to be marketed online depends on the ability of customers to determine its quality online. According to De Figueiredo (2000), there are products whose cannot be exactly determined in a digital environment by customers hence making it hard to adopt internet marketing. It is therefore important for any company to consider the characteristics of its products before introducing it to e-marketing. Many people around the world concur that purchasing decisions greatly depend on the characteristics of products and varying consumer models which are quite diverse.  To add on, online stores carry properties of products which are fundamentally different from traditionally stored products. Many customers prefer purchasing products which maximally satisfy their needs through perceived qualities observed from the internet.

According to Haque et al., (2006), human senses play a significant role in decision making including selection of products from the internet. As a result, products which require tangible interaction may not be considered by customers who prefer shopping from the internet. Based on this factor, the banking industry stands performs better with internet marketing compared to other companies like those dealing with automobiles. Tangible goods also require delivery services which may not be possible with immediate effect due to other logistics which have to be followed. This can only be done offline where the customer has to visit the company or be offered door-step service delivery. This indicates that intangible products completely fit in an online marketing environment. It can therefore conclusively be drawn that intangibility is a major factor that needs to be considered in adopting internet marketing for any company.

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