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To start with, it is important to understand the reasons that cause prison riots even before one can speculate on possible measures of preventing the vice. Some of the most common causes of prison unrest include poor medical care, poor sanitation, and food among others. With the root causes of prison riots in mind, one can then speculate on the most plausible measures.

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The Best Methods in Practice

The best method of preventing unrest in prison – is by maintaining adequate surveillance in all the units in a place where criminals are kept as punishment. This helps those mandated with running the prison to be able to detect any suspicious behavior, which should help them diagnose the problem at an early stage. It is also wise for the prison authorities to look at the grievances presented to them by the prisoners. Some of the grievances are genuine, and if ignored the consequences might be unbearable. The officers should as well refrain from using physical brutality on inmates. In addition, the use of drugs to control some inmates supposed to be reviewed.

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If riots are to be avoided, then the prison administrative rules should not side step the basic human rights of inmates. This means that prisoners ought to be allowed to talk to their relatives at least once in a while. Some human rights groups have also advocated for prisoners being allowed to have their conjugal rights, where their spouses are allowed to visit them. Doing this ensures that inmates will rarely engage in any form of riots.

However, riots cannot be blamed on staff only. The administrative policies are also to blame. For instance, if an officer reports that an inmate has committed an offense, disciplinary officer analysis video evidence and even asks other prisoners to give evidence. If the claims of the officer are ignored, then the inmates will start defying orders openly. Consequently, untamable riots will occur. In addition, prison staff should be engaged in integrative training that imparts them with skills which prepare them psychologically and tactically for emergencies. This will help them suppress the riots before they get out of hand.

A well-elaborated command structure could also go a long way in avoiding instances of riots in correctional facilities. This ensures that, in the event of any suspicious behavior, everybody knows what they should do or report to. However, apart from the reasons mentioned an integrative approach should be used to prevent riots.


Conclusively, it is evident that for riots in prisons to be prevented it is crucial to establish the root causes that push inmates to riot. This ensures that only effective preventive mechanisms are pursued instead of simply assuming as it is unproductive.

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