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There is a great need to select and appoint somebody to take the lead role in the movie. This is a person who portrays all the positive traits befitting a great actor who can therefore take the lead role.

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There are three individuals who are being considered for this opportunity. However, it is only one person who is required and in this case there is need for proper vetting of these individuals so as to select the best from among them.

The criteria to be used will be based on the desired qualities of an actor who can take a lead role these include: must have gathered considerable experience and must have taken a lead role in a recognized movie. This is among other qualities like: Great talent, perseverance, great interpersonal skills, Ability to access emotions and project them, Self assurance enough to not take rejection personally and great patience.

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We then compare the three candidates we got for the position and note that:

Peter Johnson: has acted in three movies none of which he took a lead role. He has great talent and is known to work considerably well with others. However, he misses on self assurance and lacks patience.

Calvin Steadman: has been a great actor for several years, he has shot many movies but always as a support and prop actor. H3e can be said to have considerable talent. However he is hot tempered and this makes him lose out on the issue of interpersonal skills

Steven Miller: has had a great experience in the acting field. He has shot more than ten great movies and in five of them he took the lead role. He has massive talent, great interpersonal skills, self assurance and patience.


In this case therefore, Steven miller is highly recommended for the position. This is based on the fact that he has a considerable experience especially in great movies in a lead role. He further has all the qualities of a great actor as stipulated in our choosing criteria.

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