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Nov 8, 2017 in Informative

Personal Cultural Profile and an Intercultural Experience Analysis

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As an individual, I am a female of Honduras background; I was born and spent my childhood in Honduras until 1991 when I came to the United States. As a Hispanic, I am well advanced in two languages - Spanish and English, both written and spoken. However, I consider myself as not being well-conversant with the world since I have never had the opportunity to tour the world and other parts of the United States except for Miami that has been my place of residence for the last 21 years. Culturally, my family has throughout the history observed a close religious upfront, a situation that has enabled me to be a faithful catholic. Intercultural experiences have become the best teachers in my life considering the fact that Honduras natives are warm and hospitable. However, my first intercultural experience first occurred when I came to the United States and realized different perceptions different cultures attach to the ethnicity.

Analysis of Differences in Ethnicity as an Intercultural Experience

The world is perceived differently by different people based on their cultural background. As an individual, I have had an opportunity to work with people from different cultural backgrounds. However, in all such occasions, I have been confronted by the fact that each of my colleagues at work usually has a different worldview about ethnicity. According to many people, the United States was initially perceived to be the land for the whites. According to such belief, other ethnic groups within the US have been perceived as immigrants who went to the US as either hopeless captives or new opportunist immigrants.

Despite the differences in ethnic worldview among my colleagues at work, communication was facilitated by appreciation and open sense. Everyone at my workplace not only appreciated cultural diversity, but also approached topics on ethnicity with an open sense. Such attitude always created a free atmosphere where people from different cultures engaged in an open and deep dialogue that often led to personal development and knowledge about other cultures as well as other people.

Owing to the fact that my perception of the world was clouded by the beliefs and ethnic ideologies of the Honduras, I found different cultural worldviews at my workplace to be an interesting one where I could develop my personality and learn about other cultures in order to appreciate and live amicably within the multicultural American society. Generally, there was a big cultural difference between my colleagues at work owing to the fact that United States is multicultural society. However, issues of language barrier were not serious since most workers participated in the ethnic dialogue with clear English, an indication that they had obtained some Basic English. Nonetheless, at every point of the dialogue, I sensed that the world always looked totally different from a different ethnic perspective. Consequently, we sometimes realized disconnect in communication, especially when someone did not approached the discussion with an open mind.

In conclusion, intercultural experience has played a great role in enhancing my personal growth and integration within the multicultural American community. With such experience, each person should develop the urge to explore the world in a bid to understand and appreciate other cultures as a step towards ethnic integration.

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