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Obesity is the increase in excess weight in comparison to the body height and required weight. It is increase to the adipose tissue and detected by measuring the body mass index (BMI). A body mass index higher than 25 is termed as obese. Obesity is being overweight with accumulation of fat being more than the body muscle. It is one of the leading contributors to major health problems including, coronary heart failure, diabetes, disability and kidney failure. This paper highlights various studies that help understand the major causes of obesity in America.

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Obesity is a condition caused by accumulation of more than normal fat in the body. Numerous studies have stated that continuous food intake and mainly on calorie rich foods are primary causes of obesity. A study by Wyatt et al., (2006) titled Overweight and Obesity, showed that uptake of calorie rich foods and general culture of over indulgence in America has helped increase cases of obesity. The accumulation of fats in the body is caused by taking in more calories rich carbohydrates and proteins than required. Consumption of unbalanced diet meals is a major cause of obesity in America.

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A book by the Centre for Disease and Prevention in America, (2001), on obesity details possible causes, consequences and prevention of obesity to the population in America. This book details major cause of obesity among American children is through lack of physical activity and poor diets. Many of the children as well as adults spend more time watching television and videos games compared to participating in sport like or other physical activities. This help in accumulation of energy and fats in the body.

Other possible causes under study as contributors of obesity include lack of adequate sleep, diseases, drugs, and advertisements teasing people on taking more of calorie rich foods.


Obesity is an overweight condition where there is increase in body mass index (BMI) higher than 25. It is caused by accumulation of fat in the body surpassing the required amounts. It is a major cause of some fatal disorders and diseases affecting people in America. It is prudent to conclude that obesity is caused by a combination of factors working simultaneously including, poor diets, drugs and disease, advertisements and lack of physical activity among others.

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