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Network Security Questions

Question 1

The person responsible for repaying damages of (pirated content) is johns’ neighbor because of carelessness and ignorance. If he had locked the door before leaving, John would not have a chance to enter in inside the house (Ciampa, 2008).

Question 2

John’s neighbor bears all the responsibilities. This applies in because of leaving his door open and at the same time, failure to secure his wireless net work security. Generally, john’s neighbors had no security even in his house (Thomas 2012). This is because after he left, john enters inside the house, connects wireless net work and down loads the piracy music. This shows that there was nobody to safeguard his house.

Question 3

However, in comparison to this scenario, if I leave my house door unlocked and then I get robbed, it is my entire fault. The reason is that, I will be the creator of these problems. First, I will be creating a chance to robbers by not locking the door and again by not having guards to take care of my compound when am not around (Eric, 2012). It is so similar to johns’ neighbors scenario for leaving his house unsecure hence bearing all the consequences of repaying the damages.

Question 4

The person who is responsible if I leave my pool open and someone climbs up using a ladder, falls in and get drowned, I will also be responsible in this case because it is my fault of leaving pool opened which has caused him to be drowned. Climbing up and falling in to the water does not mater a lot but leaving my pool unclosed is a problem? My answer is not very different from question three because of ignorance which bears all the consequences and after all, nobody cares after all when these piracies software happens (Eric, 2012).

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